Women In Sync: Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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Are you ready to discover your life’s true path?

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If you are a woman with questions, Suzanne Weinstein’s new book will help you find the answers you crave, and change your life forever. The women and men featured in Suzanne’s powerful book have one thing in common: Without knowing you, they already love you—and they want to help you achieve everything you have ever dreamed.

Whether you are at a crossroads in your career or in your love life, Women In Sync: Secrets Every Woman Should Know will help you gain insight into your most confusing and troubling questions. Learn how you can leverage your feminine power, embrace your own authenticity, and use self-compassion to alter the course of your life.

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Suzanne’s book cuts deep to the heart of women’s empowerment. Written for women who want to thrive, this collection of short narratives is a treasure trove of answers to life’s biggest questions. The authors have lived through major life transitions and painful self-discoveries, and they want to share their secrets of success with you. Suzanne’s book will remind you that you are not alone. Women In Sync offers a new path for women: a path of connection paved by collective wisdom.

Are you ready for life-changing insight into your own feminine power?

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Suzanne Weinstein

Suzanne Weinstein has been asking big questions since she was a child. Her life-long search for answers has taken her across the globe, from South America to the Pacific Islands. Raised by a strong, independent mother, Suzanne became the first member of her family to receive a graduate degree. Her personal spiritual journey has culminated in her dream to inspire a loving shift in thinking among women and men worldwide. As a motivational speaker and business consultant, she has committed her life to the growth of visionary, authentic, and meaningful leadership. Suzanne believes that by trusting your inner guide, you can live a more authentic life. She knows that you already have the answers to your deepest questions—and she wants to help you find them within yourself.

Suzanne is the founder of In Sync Consulting Corporation and the author of “Leadership From Within,” which appears in her anthology Women In Sync. She received her master’s degree in organizational leadership with an emphasis in group dynamics and conflict management from the University of San Diego. Her clients range from admirals to executives. Suzanne uses her compassion, enthusiasm, and personal experiences to help her clients achieve synchronicity in their businesses and in their lives. Since founding In Sync Consulting in 2001, she has won many awards and accolades, but her clients say it best: “Suzanne is a remarkable talent... She has a natural gift… tremendous energy and passion for what she does and the support she provides…. I cannot say enough about her… I cannot recommend her enough.”

The Early Reviews are In!

  • A must read for those on their self-improvement journey!

    Richard A. Caccese

    On October 3rd, 2013

    This book is geared towards women in between the ages of 25 and 35 who are looking to improve themselves. It is a collection of chapters that the author creatively pulled together that, although short and are easy reads, the messages that each chapter offers will cause you to want reread the chapters over again to understand those messages and how they relate to yourself. Each Chapter's author, and the book's author, offer what they wish they knew when they were in their earlier stages of both their careers and their lives by providing life-lesson stories - some of them deeply personal. This book is helpful to more than just this age group of women - it is helpful to younger and those of us who are older and still trying to figure out life! And not just women, there are key lessons here for men and insights on how men can better interact with women both at work and outside of work.

    For full disclosure, the author ask me to write one of the chapters (not all of them are written by women) and I wrote it for my three 25-35 year old nieces as the audience. But when you do this, you have no idea what the other chapters will be like until the book comes out in print. I'm simply blown away by the quality lessons in each chapter. This is a must read and a great gift for your nieces!

  • An Absolutely Outstanding Read!

    Holly Shanelle

    On September 20th, 2013

    The first time I picked up this book it had just come in the mail and I had only intended to skim through it as I was going to start reading it later in the day. I got lost in the book and read straight through the first four chapters!! It's an easy, quick read packed full of inspirational accounts of each author's difficulties/successes in life. Women in Sync provides an amazing opportunity to learn highly valuable lessons from other people's journeys and the wisdom they have now as a result. It's a must for women and I think men could also benefit from this book :-)

  • Fabulous!

    Wendy Chryst

    On October 12th, 2013

    I ordered the book and couldn't put it down. It was exactly what I needed to hear. With so many inspiring stories, my lesson was that their stories is my story. I felt that it validated the struggle, the lessons and lessons to be learned for me. Thank you so much Suzanne, you are quite an inspiration!

  • My Favorite Bed-Time Book

    Katherine M. Deering

    On December 13th, 2013

    With so many great inspirational stories, this book became my feel-good, bed time treat. A must read for anyone who needs a little inspiration from everyday people with struggles ...who have come out ahead. I look forward to the next addition :)