Unlock Your Leadership Skills

Unlock Your Leadership Skills

Executives are often expected to multi-task between multiple areas of their business. And when the workload gets especially heavy, they may forget the fact that they are more than just executives—they are looked upon to be leaders, inspirers and experts. When you help them realize the importance of these traits, the results within the workforce can be staggering.

99% Increase in Task Completion

Nothing shows more effectiveness than those who report getting projects done on time and to the highest quality. Before the implementation of the Weinstein Factor, many of our clients, and their subsequent workforces, were in a state of chaos, with the executives often struggling to produce quality completed projects. Within a year of our implementation, executives learn how to create realistic initiatives, and therefore, see a 99% turnaround rate.

It is staggering what a little communication change can do to work performance.

Award Winning Within a Year

Many of our clients have reaped the rewards of utilizing the Weinstein Factor to improve their workplaces. One executive client in particular was awarded the prestigious Meritorious Civilian Service Award after we helped turn her workplace around. This award is one of the highest awards provided to civilian employees within agencies of the federal government of the United States.

Are you ready to have award-winning executives? Let us help you get there.