Retain Talent

Retain Talent

One of the signs of a quality company is how well it attracts and retains the best talent. In Sync Consulting will work with you and your teams to help create a more empowering work environment that focuses more on matching the right people to the right jobs and the right workload. This means each individual will have an increased opportunity of meeting or exceeding their goals, making them more satisfied with their job as a whole and more apt to do their best work.

22% turnover reduced to 8% in a year

With employee turnover often costing an employer roughly 1.5 times an employee’s salary, it’s easy to see how a 14% reduction in turnover could make a profound difference to a company. To put it into perspective, if Employee A takes home $50,000, the cost to find and hire someone to replace him would be $75,000. If Employee A’s company has 100 employees, this reduction could mean a savings of over a million dollars. And that doesn’t even factor in that the cost of replacing sales and managerial jobs can be upwards of 2.5 times that employee’s salary.

This is just one of the ways the Weinstein factor can help your company save the money, time and effort that could otherwise be used trying to find and hire replacement talent. Let us help you retain more of your talent.

Elimination of Skepticism

Unfortunately, skepticism in the workplace is all too common, and it can be a detriment to the morale of the employees and, subsequently, the quality of the work performed. When skepticism sets in, employees begin looking for “greener pastures,” and the end result is a loss of talent. We’ll utilize the Weinstein Factor to help you eliminate skepticism within your company and maintain a healthy, happy employee base. We’ve even had some employees postpone retirement just to see how successful their newly refreshed company can become.