Richard Dimler

Project Manager

Suzanne is a remarkable talent. I saw her give a presentation at the University of San Diego and knew immediately this was someone I wanted to get to know on a personal level. I had no idea how just a few small changes in my outlook and actions could have such a monumental effect. After just a few sessions, Suzanne was able to evaluate my situation and help me make some course corrections to create a positive, energetic feeling in both my work and personal life. I feel completely revitalized. She has a natural gift of enthusiasm and has tremendous energy and passion for what she does and the support she provides. This is most evident in her methods and results. I sincerely hope to work with her again. I cannot say enough about her and consider myself a better person for having had the chance to work with her. I cannot recommend her enough."


Two Star Admiral, US Navy

Over the past year and a half, I have benefited greatly from the professional support of In Sync Consulting. Suzanne Weinstein successfully implemented a results driven Leadership Development program that made significant improvement in both tangible and intangible performance of my command and staff…Suzanne Utilizes The Weinstien Factor process, and intergraded approach of techniques, to identify areas for improvement and coach at the organizational level to achieve remarkable results…"


TESCO Executive

I still have a long way to go on my journey however I see now that the progress I have made so far is remarkable. I can't ignore the way I look at things for the better in both myself and others.My sincere thanks for all of your help."

Alexis Hart

Team Leader at Corning Incorporated

Looking inward is not something that come easy to me. Most days I check my feelings at the door. Suzanne wasn't having any of it. She helped me to see into the depths of my soul to realize why I am who I am. This information was so profound and in only two sessions with her I have made significant strides not only in my professional life but also my personal life. Suzanne helped me to realize that I am my own person and that I control how I live my life. She is beyond what I expected and I am so grateful for every minute I spent with her! "

Lisa Jackson

Director of Compliance at Mark Anthony Group

IJust when you thought you couldn’t possibly learn anything new from a professional/personal trainer, in walks Suzanne. She has the ability to determine the root cause of your individual issue at a rapid pace. Suzanne utilizes a variety of useful mechanisms to assist you in truly discovering within yourself what you need to advance to the next level. I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone seeking that little extra insight to reach their goal”

Yany Rivera

Senior Operations Manager at NW View Properties

Suzanne is an incredible, selfless, and gifted individual. I reached out to Suzanne with the hopes of getting some advice during my military transition. What I received in return has been nothing less than extraordinary. With Suzanne's guidance, I was able to rediscover my passion! Her support created a spark of excitement which energized my efforts in pursuing new career options. Thanks to her unwavering support, I have a new mindset that has opened a fresh world of opportunities to me. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend her for any of your future consulting needs. --Thank you Suzanne!.”

Admiral D.L.

Maintenance and Engineering, US Navy

Very thorough and effective as a service provider. Highly capable. Useful product delivered at a fair price.”

Michael Szafron

Global Products Sales Manager at TESCO

I really appreciate the attention and genuine interest in my progress. I have been using the affirmations mainly as a calming tool. Very similar to "Serenity now!" a Seinfeld favorite. It has really helped my outlook and replaced frustration with myself and others. I know it's not the prescribed usage but the outcome makes for a fantastic result.”

Catherine Calvin

Director of Talent Development and Executive Development at Centura Health

I believe that Suzanne was put in my path for a reason. At that time, a year ago, I did not realize that, but in reflection, I truly believe it was a “God” thing. I am also an executive coach. So, as you know, the saying “You cannot teach a teacher,” I did not believe I needed a coach, and I truly believe I still don’t need a coach. But at that time, I needed Suzanne, and I just didn’t know it. I was about to turn 50, and what Suzanne was able to do for me is identify obstacles in my life that kept recurring because they were self-inflicted. I had difficulty with work-life balance, and I had a struggle with keeping boundaries with relationships both at work and at home. So, I can tell you a year later that my work with Suzanne helped me identify goals—serious goals—that I was able to bring to fruition and make a reality that helped jumpstart the next 50 years of my life journey. Working with Suzanne is not for the faint of heart. You have to be able to do hard work. Suzanne will push you, hold you accountable, and, most importantly, not accept excuses. If you are willing, and I mean truly willing to identify the issues that you have that are keeping you from being a high-performer in both your personal and professional life, and you are truly willing to do the work in a mindful and calm way, then Suzanne is the coach for you. I would highly recommend her without any hesitation. Graci, Suzanne, for all the work, and helping me embark on a better journey.”

Michael DeGhetto

Engineering Manager

I started working with her when I needed help connecting with people: connecting with my team, connecting with co-workers and things like that. What Suzanne helped me with was being able to draw out of people what it is they were looking for, and what it is they wanted to contribute to the team and to the goals. Suzanne was able to always have an answer, for the most part, about the questions I would have, and the areas I wanted to improve on. You know, I’d go back and take that to work, and work with that on the team. And, rule with a lot of success in getting the team energized and really empowering and getting ownership out of my staff. ”


VP of Human Resources CSC

Thank you for all your help. You are a terrific coach and clearly know how to get 'in sync' with your customer. You advice continues to be very relevant, targeted and helpful to me. I would welcome the chance to work with you again and would not hesitate to recommend you and your firm."


Licensed Counselor

I cannot recommend Suzanne more highly! As a recent graduate I felt lost as to how to go about developing business relationships. With Suzanne's grounded advice she helped me transform my approach to making connections; and surprising to me at the time, I began to enjoy the process rather than dreading the concept of networking. Within a week I had tripled my connections and within a month signed a contract for my dream job. Suzanne is excellent at what she does and helps you accomplish the goals you set for yourself or your organization”


Officer in Charge, Bahrain

1. On behalf of the men and women of my organization, I would like to thank you for the invaluable coaching you recently provided. Your Insights, relevant experiences, and applicable perspective are already paying off as we transform our individual, group, and organizational behaviors.

2. The “Weinstein Factor” has definitely increased the team’s self-awareness, challenged our previous assumptions, and changed our perceptions about striving for what’s possible and not just for what’s likely. By applying many of your very simple yet effective ideas, we are well on our way to rewriting our future.

3. We are communication more effectively, sharing information, providing feedback to one another, creating a trusting and supportive work culture, questioning our processes, and implementating those changes necessary to meet our organizational and strategic goals. Again, thank you for a job well done!"

Kim Refanidis

General Manager at a High-End Retail Store

I’ve had a distinct pleasure of working with Suzanne Weinstein on both a personal level and a professional level. And in both instances, I was over-the-moon pleased with the results. And, even though she pushed me to my—maybe you can say “uncomfortable zone”—it was always a good process. A process I was comfortable with and a process that she made me feel very confident with. ”

J. I. G.

Executive Director of Commander Regional Maintenance Center

I sincerely extend my thanks to you for the exceptional contributions you have made towards improving the effectiveness of Commander Regional Maintenance Centers (CRMC) and the professional development of my staff. Your guidance on establishing clarity in roles and responsibilities, setting goals and holding people accountable has enabled us to mature as an organization. Your teambuilding expertise and innovative ideas have been a driving force in creating a cohesive office, which is dedicated to attaining the highest level of performance from ourselves and subordinate commands.

Your close coordination with our leadership team assisted with the development of robust management plans, communication strategies and a framework to achieve our long-term goals. As an Executive Coach, the counsel and insight you provided to my staff has spurned thought, confidence and renewed dedication. Your efforts have been critical to CRMC becoming the Navy's premier maintenance activity and will have a lasting impact.

Once again, thank you for your dedicated service. It has been a pleasure working with you."

Matt Strawn

SVP at Targetbase, An Omnicom Company

Suzanne Weinstein sets the bar very high as one of the most talented Leadership and Team Development consultants in the industry. She has the innate ability to quickly evaluate and benchmark her client’s current state and develop actionable plans aimed at overcoming obstacles to achieve clear goals and facilitate measurable growth. Suzanne’s approach is so unique that she has developed the “Weinstein Factor”; a winning, catalytic method that incorporates process and energetic to help individuals and teams realize their true potential and beyond. Personally, I have been most impressed by Suzanne’s deep passion in helping others grow, personally and professionally. I highly recommend Suzanne’s services and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

J. Robinson

Chef Engineer, RET US Navy

Suzanne Weinstein is awesome! I have never met anyone with her integrity, zest for life and willingness to help others. She is a high energy, creative and action oriented leader that teaches individuals and teams how to achieve meaningful results.

I have been working with Suzanne in an executive coaching role for a year. During this time I have learned more about true leadership than I did during a 26-year career in the military. With her help, I have taken a vision for my organization and have implemented it. I better understand who I am, have stronger relationships and my life is better balanced.

Suzanne’s coaching is a focus on the whole person. This recognizes that it is impossible to separate what goes on at work from what goes on outside of work. This approach supports a balance in each of my roles and I can focus on the things that are important.

Kevin Sheets

Branch Manager, US Navy

Suzanne does an awesome job working with people. She has done an outstanding job for me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend her services in whatever capacity you may have the need.”

Maureen Ransom

Informational Systems Branch Head, US Navy

I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne at two different organizations. The first was a consolidation of five individual military organizations into one. Suzanne led Senior Civilian Managers and Naval Officers through a period of fear and resentment. She assisted us in coaching our subordinates through a volatile phase and motivated us to become a cohesive high performing organization. The second time I worked with Suzanne was during the standup of a newly commissioned military organization. Once again Suzanne led Senior Civilian Managers and Naval Officers through a period of uncertainty. She coached us to define our purpose and establish our mission. Suzanne brought out the best in our senior staff through group exercises and personal coaching. I have since moved on to a higher level military organization. I continue to utilize the teachings and skills set that Suzanne provided; and hope to have an opportunity to work with her in the future.”

Robert Thompson

Director Business Operations, US Navy

Suzanne Weinstein has been coaching our staff as a team and individually for just over one year. Suzanne had an immediate impact on our team helping us to become better organized, focused and act as a high performing cohesive team. My personal executive coaching sessions with Suzanne has directly benefited my personal and professional life. Through her dedicated commitment to helping others and her proven methods which are adapted to the individual, I have become much more proficient in communicating with others, defining clear objectives and obtaining buy-in from others in common projects. To me, Suzanne's biggest asset is that she is not afraid to challenge you to move out of your comfort zone and tackle the issues that keep you from being highly effective. Suzanne, many thanks to you for your efforts on my behalf. I fully endorse her coaching skills for any who would like to realize their full potential."



You are definitely impressive and professional. Small wonder that people pay attention to your well-grounded opinions. I was thinking that, in addition to your other accomplishments, you would be an excellent jury consultant."

Captain K.P.Gannon

US Navy

The assistance that you provided to the senior staff of this command in carrying out your very general job description to “make us more effective and efficient” was outstanding and invaluable. Your keen insight, understanding of human interactions as change occurred, poignant coaching to key managers in very diverse positions in the command proved to be an essential factor in the many successes the command achieved. The ideas, actions, and programs you initiated and the ne-to-one assistance you willingly provided to command leadership served as the linchpin or creating a forum of trust. Your actions directly took this nascent command much further, much faster than we could have done on out own allowing us to undertake ambitious efforts like command wide continuous process improvement and Lean Six Sigma. These efforts have already resulted in savings of millions of dollars and significantly enhanced operational effectiveness."


Team Leader, United States Military

Suzanne's help was immeasurable in the development of roles, responsibilities and expectations for a large team. Her input significantly enhanced the content and made it easier for the end user to fully understand requirements. Additionally, she was very helpful in implementing the plan and assisting me in developing a training plan for the team."

P. Perez

Sr. Management, Logistics Manager, US Navy

You don’t realize how much you’re procrastinating and falling short in achieving your goals and dreams until you have the opportunity to work with someone who helps you bring it into focus. Suzanne Weinstein has done that for me and the Group I’m working with as well as for my previous Command. I have achieved so much more than I could have without her guidance and support. Some people will direct you to the steps and must do’s, however, with Suzanne she helps you remove those self-imposed obstacles we all have on our road to success. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and anything is possible attitude create a positive energy for helping you reach beyond what you thought were your capabilities. I’ve told many people about Suzanne and her work and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.”

Senior Leader

Program Executive , US Navy

Suzanne is an incredible executive coach that can take those that are ready to go to the next step in their career's and transform both your professional and personal lives through a disciplined approach of goals and exercises. She also has an amazing talent of taking groups of people and bringing them together as effective teams. She has my highest recommendation!”

Simon Vetter

Business Coach , Stand Out International

Suzanne has been a trusted coaching colleague for years. She is very insightful and offers invaluable resources, stories and wisdom. She continues to challenge herself and others be more grounded and powerful. Most importantly, she is great fun to be around.”

Beverly Schmidt

Executive Assistant

I worked with Suzanne as a coach. I love my life and am a more rounded positive person because of her coaching. I feel alive again. Since letting go of years of hurt, anger, etc. everything has turned for the better. I feel free and able to look forward to all the Blessings in my life."

Lisa Godfrey

President, Houston Coaches, Inc

Suzanne delivered a high-impact, candid, thought-provoking presentation to the International Coaching Federation's (ICF) Houston Chapter - Houston Coaches, Inc. Our membership of professional coaches left motivated, encouraged and armed with new tools to take their coaching businesses to higher levels. I received dozens of emails from members that it was THE BEST presentation they have been to all year! Thank you Suzanne! "



I saw Suzanne speak at the meeting of a local community service organization about Coaching and The Weinstein Factor. I confess that I am normally dismissive of this type of presentation. I must admit though that Suzanne got my attention as I was very impressed and intrigued by her approach. After 10 years of seeing speakers, Suzanne was the first speaker I invited to meet with me at my office to gain more knowledge and information. I can confidently say that Suzanne is one of the best speakers I have seen in a long time.”

Sherry Shrallow

Executive Coach , SLS Executive & Business Coaching

I attended a presentation given by Suzanne this week and was so impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm for her work. Suzanne is the kind of coach who understands the importance of connecting on an interpersonal level with her clients to truly understand what the core issues are that are driving their behavior. Her approach is to be direct yet respectful as she encourages her clients to take the risk of trying something different that helps create extraordinary results. Any organization would be enhanced with Suzanne's creative and innovative approach as an executive coach."

Greg Zlevor

Business Consultant

Suzanne is an excellent coach and trainer. I have called on Suzanne regularly for advice and help. She is smart and thorough. I can't wait to bring her in for another project.”

Lt. Commander C. Smith

United States Navy

I worked with Suzanne for a period of about 8 months. She is an expert in setting and achieving goals, on both the personal and professional level. She greatly helped our staff become a more cohesive team by helping to define roles and responsibilities and by improving internal communications.”

Elisa Papadopoulous

Registered Nurse

Her services as a coach are truly amazing, and she keeps you on track, keeps you accountable, and she does it with such compassion and she’s got such a great sense of humor, to make those difficult moments easier to help you get through. It was a tough journey and she made it easy. She gave lots of encouragement. She gave invaluable feedback, insight. She has a wealth of knowledge, lots of resources and tools that she uses. And, in the end I was in great shape. My confidence was through the roof, and I was living an amazing life. I was living in sync! ”

G. J. Reina

Captain U.S. Navy, Deputy Commander

Your enthusiasm, insight; imagination and emphasis on teamwork have resulted in dozens of successful process improvement initiatives. Examples include; development of the Command Mission and Vision, the Securing Reliable Promises program, the Executive Leadership Training program, team assessments, newsletters within the command, standard communication meeting with command Red Book, and standardization of the Executive Staff meeting. You also initiated a concept that resulted in four departments teaming together to share ideas on how to improve the impact of these four departments have on the command. Your ideas will continue to impact the command for years to come.


New Manager

I cannot recommend Suzanne more highly! As a recent graduate I felt lost as to how to go about developing business relationships. With Suzanne's grounded advice she helped me transform my approach to making connections; and surprising to me at the time, I began to enjoy the process rather than dreading the concept of networking. Within a week I had tripled my connections and within a month signed a contract for my dream job. Suzanne is excellent at what she does and helps you accomplish the goals you set for yourself or your organization.…"


Vice President

I spoke with you at Gild right after I lost my wife. It was a difficult time for me and I was grateful for your understanding and the opportunity to rebuild my life. I am now remarried and have a wonderful wife and 10 year old step daughter. 

I remain a grateful person for all of the blessings I have been given. 

I hope this finds you well and having much success.”

Joe Kudashick

Executive Director

As I stated previously to you, what you did for me allowed me to make this leap of faith from a very successful Civil Service career to private industry, as the Director of Operations for one of BAE's ship repair divisions. Your coaching and mentoring allowed me conquer my fears within and to see the manager I am. Although self-worth is challenged by the trials and tribulations faced every day, you have provided me the ability to make me see me; who I am and my capabilities. Through your mentoring, I have also learned better communication skills by understanding how others see me. I have many a peer and subordinate say that they want to be like me. In my whole life, if there's one thing I could wish for, it was to influence others to take charge of their lives and person. You have made this dream possible.

As I talk to people about how they can become better supervisors and managers, and understand who they are, Suzanne at In Sync Consulting is always recommended!

Thank you for everything!

Bob Coles


Suzanne's help was immeasurable in the development of roles, responsibilities and expectations for a large team. Her input significantly enhanced the content and made it easier for the end user to fully understand requirements. Additionally, she was very helpful in implementing the plan and assisting me in developing a training plan for the team.”

Maria Islas

Executive Secretary

I have had the opportunity to work with Suzanne in several different 
capacities over the years. I have found Suzanne to be a great 
inspiration to me personally and professionally. She specifically helped 
me to see my successes on paper in a way I would have not considered 
prior to our discussions. With Suzanne's expertise and wisdom, my resume 
now is unique to me. It is very professional, concise and represents me 
more accurately. My confidence level has increased significantly and made me realize who I am really does make a difference. Thank you so much Suzanne, for helping me to think outside the box and realizing how awesome the possibilities are when you embody your true selfless.”

Luke Carothers

Accounting Professional

I have attended two of Suzanne's group discussions about resume and interview techniques - each discussion was unique and extremely insightful. Suzanne provides excellent advice about how to best represent yourself on paper and in person. Highly recommend. 

In addition, Suzanne has also given me personal career guidance and initiated thought-provoking conversation aimed at helping me achieve my goals.”