Led by In Sync Consulting founder and CEO, Suzanne Weinstein, the Weinstein Factor brings people and processes together. By combining custom assessments and strategic coaching the program helps organizations, teams and individuals sustain transformation while creating high power teams.

The Weinstein Factor

The Weinstein Factor process brings people and processes together by utilizing three phases in tandem depending upon the needs of an organization, department or individual, while being wholly committed to sustaining change and transformation and creating a forum of trust with the clients. It is exclusive to In Sync Consulting and is proven successful through the use of an established structure that also offers customizability depending on the needs of the client.


The 6 Factors Achieved By Applying the Weinstein Factor

Each factor stands alone to optimize performance. The combination of all six will help your organization achieve incremental results and sustainable success.

all the phases

combining phases

The foundation of The Weinstein Factor

The Factors above are created by combining a three-phase process created by In Sync Consulting. These 3 phases serve as the foundation for The Weinstien Factor.

phase 1