Windows of Opportunity

April 14, 2011 at 8:11 pm

I have clients that work and work to have a specific result. When out of the blue a beautiful opportunity emerges for them to gracefully enter a space that will allow them to get the results, visibility and prestige. However, suddenly and they become frightened. Here are some comments that come up: “Did they prepare enough? Do they have the right answers? Is this the right time? I need to clear this with my boss first. ”

This is what I call a defining moment. My response typically goes like this: This is a time to step into your power. Speak your truth. There is no wrong.  This a golden opportunity for growth and learning. These are the kind of moments we seek. The moments that we are aware we are stepping into our greatness. This means taking a step to be couragous and take a risk. That means knowing that in your truth, wrong does not exist. The timing is perfect because it is here and you are aware of it. That is beautiful. Don’t try to control it, or manipulate it to be something that it isn’t.  Control is nothing more than a big distraction that one seeks to have when they realize it doesn’t exist at all.

Enjoy the process of stepping up in the “right time,” that brings the best gifts of life. Enjoy that you are in a position to be aware that this opportunity exists for you.

Windows of opportunity are what I call “defining moments.” They are moments that have a short period of time and we can either move through or the window closes. Next time you see a window of opportunity, do not try to figure it out. My coaching tip is to move through it and watch the awesomeness occur all around you. It is amazing.