Webinar Series to Help Increase Productivity and Profit

April 18, 2011 at 10:29 am

International Executive Coaching and Team Leadership Development Consultant Leverages Experience with More Than 400 Individuals and Organizations For Free Webinar Series

SAN DIEGO – April 14, 2011 – In Sync Consulting, an international executive coaching and team leadership development firm, is launching a new webinar series hosted by its founder and president, Suzanne Weinstein. Leveraging her guaranteed method for achieving key business results in 90 days, Weinstein will guide listeners through interactive sessions and personalized tips to improve individual and company productivity and increase profits.

The new monthly webinar series is free for participants and begins April 27 at 11 a.m. PT with a session on creating your best career path. Ideal for small business owners, corporate executives and other business leaders, it will provide listeners with the ability to learn the needed tools to turn themselves and their group into a high performing team. To participate, listeners can register for the first session at http://ow.ly/4zNMr.

“Especially in this economy, it’s important to seek out trusted resources for professional development,” said Weinstein. “I’m proud to help small business owners and corporate executives through this free opportunity to get the answers they want and advice they may not realize they need. The In Sync Consulting webinar series will do just that – provide an interactive forum for personalized expert feedback.”

Over the past 10 years, In Sync Consulting has helped more than 400 executives and organizations from all over the world develop effective cost reduction and avoidance strategies. This work has resulted in reducing overtime by up to 75 percent, sick leave by 36 percent and turnover to less than eight percent.

The webinar series will help a broader range of companies get the tools they need to compete in this economy. The monthly sessions will be hosted the last week of each month as follows:

April                                  How to Create Your Best Career Path

May                                   Reducing Sick Time and Turnover

June                                  Leadership Strategic Planning Made Easy

July                                    How to Create an Environment of Accountability and Responsibility

August                              Tips and Tricks for Creating Smooth Change Management

September                        Living In Sync

October                            Time Management for Managers

November                        Thriving in Challenging Times

December                         Becoming a More Efficient, In Sync You in the New Year

For more information about In Sync Consulting’s webinar series or executive coaching and team leadership development services, visit http://insyncconsulting.com. To register for the April 27 session, ”How to Create Your Best Career Path,” visit http://ow.ly/4zNMr.