Tips To Success-Better Communication

January 27, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Communication has become very simple and complicated all at the same time. We have more modes of communication than ever before in the history of our development. That being said there is more opportunity to MIS-COMMUNICATE as well. Often it is too easy to take time to pound out an email and shoot it off.  Then the email is left for others to read into and interpret. When you are meeting face-to-face people can see your non-verbal communication (70% of all communication), then hear your voice intonation. They can not sense your passion, energy, and intention with  e-mail, text, Instant Message, all that is lost.

Coaching Tip:

Pick up the phone and make a call if possible.

Face to Face communication can achieve the best results.

Be clear what it is you are wanting to communicate.

Have fun reconnecting with people. It will serve you well on your path.