The Big Moment

May 23, 2013 at 11:35 am

Living In Sync One Moment At A Time


Greetings Friend,

It’s been a while since I have posted. There is a reason for that…. life happens and sometimes requires a transformation. I have had many over the last year that I plan on sharing in the weeks to come. Before getting into all of that I wanted to post this week about The Big Moment. This is a poem that is a reminder that we get our richest moement when we are present right now.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

With Love,


The Big Moment by Ruth Tipler

It is not only the past that brings us here

The future is pull us as well

But sometimes we are left free of the tugging

And the moment opens up.


It is in these spaces that we find our reason.

And it is in these space that we lose all reason.


And after all the thoughts have done their thinking

There is nothing left but peace

And wide outrageous grins.


We cannot stop the pushing and the pulling of

The past and future

By resisting.

It’s only in the letting go

That the struggle ceases.


The moment said to the past

I am from you.

And the moment said to the future

I am for you.

The past looked at the future

And they both shrugged.

And the future said to the past

Have you ever seen this moment before?

No, said the past.

And past said to the future

Do you think you will ever see this moment?

No said the future.

They turned to look at the moment

But it was gone.


The very attempt of the moment

To fit itself into the past or the future

Made it disappear.


But when the moment saw the future and the past

As picture on the wall for its own amusement

And turned instead to a mirror

The moment expanded

Until it was so huge

It swallowed up the universe.