Team Sabotage

April 7, 2016 at 9:50 am

Victory is Working TogetherHow sabotage can show up in teams can be deceiving. Why? Because most people believe that they are acting as an individual. Most people have no awareness that there is always a group dynamic and group energy at play. So in essence most leaders miss clear patterns and themes that show up for teams because they are so focused on individual behavior.

Here are some obvious patterns that show up with dysfunctional teams:

Decision Making is delayed or avoided- what is often a simple decision, low impact, low risk can be discussed for hours and yet not decision or direction is clear.

Lacks of clarity- Team members are unsure or unaware of each team member’s responsibilities. This often leads to duplication of efforts throughout the organization.

Seeking Power – Many team members are seeking power and recognition for themselves vice the winning of a project that allows the organization to be successful.

Blaming – Someone in the group is always blaming another person, department, decision maker for the situation that they are grappling with.

Anytime there is a lack of responsibility within a team, there is an issue with leadership. Leadership ultimately picks and chooses what type of behavior will be acceptable moving forward. The avoidance of conflict can be detrimental to the results within every department. Teams model behavior of their leader, good and bad, it makes no difference.

Just like kids employees do as the leader does not as the leader says. So if your team is sabotaging your progress with any one of the points above you will want to take some time to reflect and get aligned within yourself.

All change begins with you.

The team is merely showing you where you need to grow as a leader. Be thankful and grateful for the lessons. Those with the courage to reflect and make adjustments, in turn allows others to do the same.