“Syncing” Moments- Month of May in review

May 31, 2011 at 9:02 am

The month of May has come and gone quickly. This seems pretty mellow in comparison to the incredible month of April. Mellow is good though, don’t get me wrong. The month began with my taking time to get certified in a new energy modality. Not something I would typically spend my time with, but this seems to be interesting and makes a huge difference in how I feel. So there I was in a daylong class experience, shifting, and eroding past ideas and creating a new way of thinking and feeling. It’s been incredible. So much so I decided to track all the amazing shifts that have occurred.

One might say I have been in a writing frenzy (that wouldn’t be me because writing takes a lot of time, thought, prep and energy). I had been changing my mind about the direction of my book for weeks. Finally a few days after my energy- filled, centering day, wah-la, I have a book concept that I LOVE and that I believe others are going to love to read. Very exciting!  The foundation for the book has been completed now in less than three weeks.

It was about a week later creating my new story line that I was contacted by an online blog asking for me, Suzanne Weinstein, to be a guest blogger on their site. I just drafted my first blog for them. I will post the link as soon as it’s released.

A few days after that, I was contacted by CEO Magazine for their cover article. I had the interview this last week with Tammy. It was fantastic! It’s so much fun sharing what we do at In Sync! I can’t wait to see what she puts together.

The Weinstein Factor video was not feeling very In Sync a month ago. Today we are in final edits. Should be released some time in June. I can’t wait for you to see it!

May also included a great business trip back to Virginia. I love going back to Virginia as it gives me an opportunity to continue the Culture Change initiative and to see my previous clients and catch up.

I also want to mention what a small world we live in. The internet is amazing in the ways we can connect. Just this last week I was contacted by a someone who knew me back in my SDSU college days. This person was not as a friend, not as fellow student, and barely an associate. But they remembered me. This person knew me because I would walk for hours around the SDSU campus. I loved to walk and anyone who saw me knew I was always out walking when I wasn’t in class or studying. Long story short, this person found me on my website as they were looking for a coach to help them transition jobs and called when they found my website. It was so much fun to talk with them and see how they have changed and talk about what In Sync does. His comments about who I was and who I am today were fascinating to me. It turns out he really didn’t need much coaching at all. Just to be grounded back into what he already knew… connect with your real values and there is no need to challenge yourself in the same ways you always have. Time to create something new with ease and joy and watch everything flow in.

Oh, yes, I also posted about the NAWBO Signature Award. This has been an interesting experience for me to be nominated and win. First and foremost, it’s an honor to be nominated. I’ve heard that before but it’s really true. My life is full of action and adventure. What this nomination helped me to do was to take stock of my accomplishments and to be present as people congratulated me and to be grateful for having the opportunity every day to make a difference in some else’s life. To say I am appreciative is an understatement.

Lots of “Syncing” moments this month!!! Fun, huh?!?!?