Q & A with Suzanne

January 27, 2012 at 8:04 am

Question: what if the entire team has bad behavior and the leader does not empower the team?
Answer: The best way to influence others is to begin establishing your own leadership. Step one is to take responsibility. There is no true leader if they are not taking responsibly. The moment one begins to complain, blame, or point the finger at other people for the problem, is the moment that responsibility and authority is lost. Taking responsibility means that you begin to see yourself as the solution. Ask yourself these questions: What do I have the power to change? How is my attitude impacting the situation in a positive or negative manner?

Once you begin to realize that the best place of influence is looking at yourself and what you can adjust and change, you begin to step into a powerful place of leading. The bottom line is empowerment is taken up by employees, rarely given.