Micro Management Misconceptions

March 15, 2011 at 8:39 am

There are so many misconceptions of micro-management. In fact, when I first start with some clients its not uncommon for me to hear the excuse that they don’t manage their teams because they are concerned about being viewed as a micro-manger.

There is a big difference between the two and millions of articles are written on the topic. No sense in my trying to duplicate efforts. What I want you to know is this: Your team/employees need to know that you are an informed, educated, and responsible leader. They know this based on communication with you, their leader. If you find yourself unable to speak intelligently about your employees, their workload and are unaware of any personal circumstances that may impact their work, you are not managing your employees and are losing ROI daily.

Micro-management implies you are in too deep to the workload of your employees. It suggests you want to know all the details and be a part of the next move. It also breeds distrust, anxiety, frustration, and duplication of effort, with employees, which also means you are losing ROI daily.

Managing employees is by far the healthy way to go with your team. To find out more tools to add to your management tool belt, contact us for coaching. It’s a great addition to your professional development.