In Sync Gives Back

March 22, 2011 at 9:22 am

Giving back is a part of my 21 goals I set every year. Each time I am reminded how giving back really is a service we do for ourselves. This year I was asked to speak to a group at San Diego State University about getting their Career Stories In Sync. I really enjoyed my time speaking with the students and providing a new perspective on approach their job search.

Some simple tips you may want to consider:

1. Have fun!  Be who you are and let the interviewer see what a great person you would be to work with.

2. Go in knowing how you want to be perceived. This helps you get clear and aligned with your highest good.

3. Always have questions for your interviewer. Some examples: How do you see me fitting in with your organization? When are you looking to fill the position? What are my next steps after today?

Finally, enjoy the process. The more fun you are having the more likable and stress free you are.

I  had a great time as you can see. (don’t be fooled it wasn’t an empty space. The 30 plus students all sat by the food on one side of the room. Kudo’s for them to show on a Saturday to hear about careers!!!)