Experience the Wonder of Horse

January 26, 2012 at 7:44 am

Weekend Retreat: March 3rd or 4th, 2012
Time: 9 AM – 4 PM
Where: Diamonds in the Rough Horse Rescue 19251 Bob White Road, Windsor, VA 23487

In Sync is proud to bring this special event to VA.

Discover the energy of leadership and presence! The equus experience will heighten self-awareness, build confidence, and improve communication skills. Combine coaching with nonverbal interaction for powerful lessons in being fully present. Through the wonders of the equus experience, flow with life and become in sync.

Tap Into Your Vibe

Horses are wise teachers and immediately provide accurate and genuine feedback. They live in the moment, which makes them powerful messengers.

Horse Coaching opens non‐verbal and verbal communication. Since 80% of all communication is non-verbal, the equus experience offers an opportunity to lead with intention and improve self-trust. This will unveil your assertiveness, creative thinking, problem‐ solving, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, and command presence.

You will:

Experience the power of setting intention

Gain strategies for focus and presence

Learn the secrets of non‐verbal communication for building trust and increasing leadership

Reach a new sense of clarity and power

Discover ways to remove barriers to your success


Location: Diamonds in the Rough Horse Rescue

Where: Diamonds in the Rough Horse Rescue 19251 Bob White Road, Windsor, VA 23487


Note: All exercises with the horses will take place on location. There will be NO RIDING during the workshop; no prior experience with horses is necessary. All sessions may be videotaped for review and coaching purposes. You will be offered the option of a follow up coaching call and video review. The call will consist of self-discovery to further explore valuable information about your experience.


This event is provided by In Sync Consulting