Dreams: The Truth Is In You

January 25, 2014 at 8:58 am

I like to think I am intuitive. I’m not a physic by any means; however I do listen, and when I am feeling courageous; I actually act on the information that I am getting. With that said, often times, our dreams can be an avenue of wisdom.

Last night I had a dream. It was of my mother who has recently passed. In the dream, she was in the hospital and incubated (she had a tube down her throat).  She hated being in the hospital with this tube down her throat. She was completely lucid in her thinking and articulation of intent to remove the tube. I was able to have the tube removed and then brought her home. She was at home and happy. I saw her with her friends, and she was speaking her truth with them as each came to visit (I assume to pay their respects and to spend some time with her). As this happened, I was standing in her kitchen juicing for her and her visitors. She spoke with each of them with great intent. She was sharing with them her all her secrets she held for far too long. As she did this, I could see clearly her vibration and frequency getting larger and larger, stronger and stronger. It was absolutely beautiful to see. Then I realized she wasn’t dying. In fact she was living vibrantly. She was able to live more fully and in complete joy knowing that secrets she had that were holding her back from her true self were now free. As she did this she too became free. When she did make her final transition she did so in peace with her truth spoken to herself and those around her.

The real truth, this isn’t at all what happened with my mother. She was truly unable to speak with words at the end. It was not an easy passing for her. Although this was her path it does not need to be ours. This dream is an indication for us all when we choose to be in our truth. My mother did the best she knew how. She was scared like many of us of how others might react or what they might think of her. I’ve certainly had those moments too. However, we are strong beings and our truth is ours to speak, to learn from, to grow. Playing small doesn’t serve anyone. Certainly, it doesn’t serve you!

I believe this is not only a message for me but for you, too. Are you willing to live your life more courageously by speaking your truth? If so, this dream shares with me you too will be rewarded with more joyful moments if you takes steps to know and speak your truth. You will vibrate at a higher frequency. You will be able to have deep meaningful relationships that transcend and transform you into who you have always wanted to be.

You might be wondering, how do I speak my truth?  How do I know my truth? I am on this journey of discovery for years and I am still learning.  Here are some tips that I have found helpful.

1. Say those things that you have been thinking about for years and speak them to yourself first. Acknowledge to yourself that you have these thoughts/ideas/revelations.  Example: Although, I may love someone, I realize I don’t like them very much. I don’t like how they treat me. In this knowing you may discover you have more choices than you thought you did before.

This acknowledgement inside, now frees me up to have more choices (I love having more options). I can continue the relationship, knowing it doesn’t feel good to me. I can change the relationship by creating new boundaries. I can decide to spend less time with this person. I can have a heart to heart conversation with them. The list of options goes on and on. The key here is that you were first honest with yourself. Your Truth to YOU is what is most important.

2. If you like to write, take 5-10 minutes each day to journal. Although I think gratitude journals are fantastic I also believe that if people just processed their thoughts, they would come to be grateful for the lessons that are present in just being present with one’s inner thoughts. There is healing in this.

3. Be courageous. Take a small step. Share a thought or make a request. As you begin to expand your truth with yourself and others, from what I have seen, magic begins to happen Gifts appear in the most incredible ways.

4. Your truth may change as you change. That is ok. Have a knowing that your past is not who you are and therefore your truth in this moment might be different than you previously thought. This is ok, it is safe for you to change and know yourself differently.

Warning:  Speaking your truth does not mean others will like it. It’s not about them changing; it is about you expanding. Remember my dream… as each word of truth was spoken with my mother, her vibration expanded. With every secret revealed, her joy emanated. This too can be true for all of us.

Being In Sync One Moment At A Time,