D-3: Ultimate Customer Service

February 7, 2014 at 9:55 am

It’s was early December when I heard a description of relationships that was so simple that it caught my attention. I love sharing simplicity because I find it makes application so much EASIER! When things are easier, well then, let’s get it going. Right?

Essentially, love relationships are broken into 3 simple dimensions:
Dimension 1: It’s all about YOU – This is when you are completely focused on yourself in the relationship. What you are getting or not getting out of it. Are your needs being met, etc.

Dimension 2: It’s all about keeping things EQUAL – This is when you are tic of tac in the relationship. You will give but you want to make sure you are getting back at least what you put in.

Dimension 3: Your partner’s needs are your needs. In this dimension you are taking full responsibility for your role and how the other person is feeling. You will do anything to meet your partner’s needs. (I call this D-3)

You be the judge of where you are playing in your relationships. What I can tell you from my personal discussions with those who have healthy, long, and happy relationships is that they are playing in Dimension 3! The key is that both partners are playing in the 3rd dimension together. If there is an imbalance, what soon follows is resentment.

So, being a person who LOVES to experiment I decided to try playing in the 3rd Dimension in my relationship. It all started with one step…. BEING AWARE.

Once I was aware, it gave me a chance to make a new choice in who I wanted to be in the relationship.

Short story: I was in a conference and realized I was hungry. I texted my boyfriend to see if he wanted anything to eat. No response. Typically, I would think, ok he’s busy. He’s not hungry. Blah Blah Blah— I would create a story.

This time, playing in the 3rd Dimension, I decided to buy his lunch and take it to him. I prepared his food how he liked it. I went looking for where he was sitting (in a sea of 5,000 people). After much searching (and self-talk about why am I doing this… oh yeah, this where I want to be), I finally found him. I presented his lunch, and to my surprise, my boyfriend was surprised, happy and most important, appreciative of my thinking of him.

It all seems so simple and right. One slight shift of thoughtfulness.

In talking with a friend who has been married for 40+years, he described the success of his marriage in two words: Customer Service. They both provide unrelenting customer service to each other. You can make what you want of what you think customer service is.

When I think of companies who give great customer service, it’s the thoughtfulness behind it. It’s making you feel special.

Here is something that most people don’t share… but the real gift in the 3rd Dimension or Customer Service is that you are giving from a place that is pure and in service. This makes you feel AMAZING. The appreciation on the other side, and it’s repeat service. Who doesn’t like that? : )

Cheers to making this month a celebration in Customer Service! Playing in the 3rd Dimension and raising your game… and truly raising your vibration.

Being In Sync,