Blissing out

April 6, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Short Term Goal: Achieved!
In November 2010, I started thinking about what I want to create for myself in the new year. What do I want to do, think about, bring in, and simply be. I create 21 goals in seven areas of my life. In the area of health, I decided I was going to truly commit to incorporating a new level of yoga/meditation into my daily routine. Yep daily!
I started with 40 days of meditation twice daily. 40 days seemed reasonable but twice a daily was a stretch goal. When I completed the 40 days, I felt more peace, happiness, ease with just about everything in my life. Therefore, why not try six months of daily meditation. No skipping a day here or there. Pure commitment to the daily practice of yoga/meditation. This week, I completed six months every day, no exception, no excuses. So what did I get after my six months of yoga/meditation:
– A feeling of more expanded freedom
– A greater sense of peace and self love
– Enjoyment of quiet time
– I am more focused and attuned to my clients’ needs and possibilities
– I have greater capacity to manage conflict and/or observe it
– More courage to take risks and step out of my comfort zone
– More willingness to be open and public with myself and In Sync Consulting
– Immense sense of gratitude and compassion for the human race
– A greater love for this beautiful thing called life and all it has to offer us
– The ability to lead with greater authenticity, compassion and transformational possibilities
So was it easy? No!
Was it worth it? Completely!
Would you do it again? Absolutely!
Will you continue on with the daily practice, Suzanne? Yep!
Was is a good goal to achieve: A Yeah! Six months was longer than I thought it would be.
I welcome any questions you might have. Until next time… bliss out 😉