Be The Leader of Your Own Life

April 7, 2014 at 11:25 am

Ha!  What the heck does that mean? The terms leader and leadership are thrown around these days like there’s a massive movement. Guess what? There is!

Leading people and organizations would be much easier for people if they learned to listen to their hearts more and their minds less. Don’t get me wrong, I am highly intellectual, and I love intellectual banter as much as the next person. Maybe even more! It’s been because of this high desire to know that I researched this whole idea of following your heart. It’s not the typical research where I have data and statistics (although I am certain those exist to support any idea). My type of research is the best that I have found yet…. Experience!

In my early 20’s, I realized that I was “making it,” as they say. I had become a rat in the rat race. I was making over 6 figures before my 30’s; working easily 6 days a week, over 60 hours (plus or minus a few here and there). I was overweight, yet working out every day. My body was simply not responding. Or was it?

I learned my body was actually sharing with me daily what was working and what wasn’t working for me. I was doing everything I was supposed to do to be happy. Only, I really wasn’t. Then September 11th happened. Life as I knew it changed. Work changed, my life changed.

I took this opportunity of what could have been devastating and leveraged it to make a new path for myself. I made a conscious decision to live my life differently. No longer would money drive my decisions. (Leadership is making uncomfortable decisions for following my knowing).

That single decision changed the course of my life. Being the leader of your own life means to follow your knowing. It means following your heart. It means listening to the deep sense inside of you and following it.

My question to you is this: What decision do you know you need to make? What is it your body is trying to tell you? What will it take for you to make one step in the direction of following your heart?

My data tells me this: you will be happier, more fulfilled, and prosperous in ways you never imagined.

Being In Sync One Moment at a Time,