Are you over loaded? Do you take on too much?

February 1, 2011 at 3:08 pm

My clients often start out our coaching sessions feeling overwhelmed, over-tasked, and overburdened. After a coaching session, my clients comment on feeling clear, energized and In Sync.

How does this happen you might ask? It’s actually very simple. I use a technique called Reframing that is very powerful and works every time.

Frequently over achievers take on more than they can ever possibly complete. Once they commit they feel burdened to answer and honor their word.

Tips to stopping the madness of feeling overwhelmed:

–       Begin to say NO.

–       Know that everything you have is not a #1 priority.

–       Write down everything that you “think” needs to get done.

–       Develop a system to organize your day.

–       Develop a task list and work from that instead of what is swirling around in your head.