Are you happy at work?

April 19, 2011 at 8:53 am

Fascinating idea and yet so many people struggle to think it is actually possible. I was coaching a client the other day and we talked about how overwhelming life, work, kids, husband, family, friends, community service can be. Constantly being pulled from one meeting to another. Rushing to get home, rushing to eat, rushing to rest. The nonsense of the it all. How do we get it to stop?  How do we take the simplicity of being and implement it into a daily practice?

It’s not easy in the sense that it takes commitment to yourself. How often do you think: I can meditate later? I can exercise later? I can eat later? Everything that nurtures and cares for yourself is put off as less than everything else that is pressing in your life.

The commitment is to you, first and foremost. Without that commitment what you are giving to others is less than. And guess what, you are not fooling them either. Do you get that? I hope so. If you missed it, you are fooling yourself. Self-care is the beginning of giving the best of who you are and what you are giving to others.

Believe it or not it doesn’t have to take all day. It can take 5 minutes here or there. My meditations started at 5 minutes over 15 years ago. I started meditation years ago it’s something I always found fascinating about how the mind works. I recall looking at the clock at 3 minutes thinking 5 had already passed. I made myself sit there in complete silence until 5 minutes had passed. I made myself watch my thoughts race by. Certainly, enough to give one anxiety. I found it amazing to sit in observer mode for that short time each day. After a while my 5 minutes turned into 10 and so forth.

I have committed myself that meditation time is always a time just for me. Nothing interrupts that time of the day. No phone calls, text msgs, emails, visitors, etc. It is a commitment to me that I can be more present, more connected to those I am with so I am completely present with them. Sometimes I am observing and appreciating what I see, hear, smell, agree with, disagree, and simply in acceptance with. Sometimes it’s easier than others but the point is that you are increasing your awareness with the intention to be fully present. That means accepting what is and not trying to change or control it.

Coaching Tips:

– Make yourself a priority. Happiness starts with YOU!

– Pick something that you are willing to commit to for a short period of time (say 4 weeks)

– Make it specific so that it is very clear what you need to do to complete it

– Enjoy the process and do your best to not beat yourself up. if you miss a day. Just start again. It’s that simple.