10-Step Process To Transformation

July 28, 2016 at 8:07 am

Leading Into Transformation
10-Step Process to Transformation

Leading Into TransformationThe 10-Step Process to transformation

It was over nine years ago when I was sitting at my desk working on a global, cultural change initiative. It was a dream job. A culture rich in total conflict; emerging ideas and concepts clashing with the old-school mentality of military constructs. It was if the skies opened and the waters parted. I could not have been in a more enriched place for group dynamics than this. I LOVED IT. Then, while I was on a phone call, I was told one of the higher ups was waiting for me outside my office. He had been there waiting for over twenty minutes. I had no idea who this person was, I was completely focused on something else. Then I started to notice a small crowd growing outside my door. When someone finally came into my office, he demanded I get off the phone because this “higher up” was still waiting to talk to me.


“You must have screwed something up” he added. I rapidly ended my phone call and then I found the senior leader of the organization sitting in my office, asking me one question after another regarding my approach. I honestly answered each and every question asked. Finally, there was a chance to tell the real truth or just keep continuing to answer his questions. He said, of course, he wanted the truth. With a quick and honest assessment, I nailed the culture issue he had been struggling with for years.

Here is what happened in a nut shell—Leadership IS NOT a position. It is an action to move a group of people from where they want to go to where they need to go. I was not in any formal role at the time where I could coach or guide this senior leader. I had the courage, however, to speak my truth about where the issues were and what was needed to get his staff unstuck. Never in his leadership history had someone spoke the truth in such a compelling way. Why? Because leaders tend to do what they have seen. In the military, there is a culture and culture rules–that is until COURAGE in leadership emerges from within the ranks with people speaking the truth. Courage means looking at and seeing the whole system, not just a piece of it. That truth is much different than the personal truths that serve the self. It’s not a safe role to take up, however, it is needed for organizations, teams, and people to thrive!

Take one step, add a cup of courage, two cups of positive attitude, and 100% commitment.

The recipe for transformation: It doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be simple in context, but without all the ingredients in place, difficult in execution.

  1. Nothing can change without awareness. One must be willing to see the unseen in order to begin to transform.
  2. Be an active OBSERVER. Although I take pride in having an opinion and expressing it, there is great value in being an observer. Notice what you notice. It’s not about judging what you can or cannot do. Just notice what is happening inside of you.
  3. Reflection is a key to knowing how what you are seeing and noticing are impacting you. Why is it important? You will recognize and realize the impacts on you just by simply observing.
  4. Muster courage to follow what is needed to get what you desire. Know that the destination is not what is important, but the journey.
  5. One step. That’s all that is really needed–one step.
  6. Respond with action. Responding to what you are seeing is critical in gaining movement and momentum.
  7. Ensure you have a supportive environment. If need be, get a coach like me who believes in possibilities.
  8. Always give 100% of yourself. That means you never, never give up.
  9. Pace yourself. Like the saying goes: It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Train yourself to establish a pattern of success. Find your stride and stick with it until you know you need to make a course adjustment.
  10. Attitude determines your wellbeing. Science shows you heal faster when you have a positive attitude. Learn to see the good not in one thing but in everything. Train your attitude to reflect your accomplishments already happening right now.

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Live. Love. Thrive.

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KISS: Make Building Your Team More Fun

October 29, 2015 at 9:35 am

Laugh and Thrive

The last few years I have focused on making things more fun (for me and my clients). Everything doesn’t have to be so difficult. We make it that way by our attitudes. So why not make building your team more fun too? It can be done. Here are some simple tips that anyone can do right away.

1. Assign different team members to take the lead on team initiatives.
2. Hold your team meetings in different locations once a month or once per quarter.
3. Conduct mini surveys and share with each team member what it is they are doing that is working.
4. Bring in guest speakers to add a fresh new approach to your topics.
5. Frequently and constructively talk about how the team, as a whole, could improve.
6. Take corrective action on team dissatisfaction areas.
7. Measure progress often.
8. Take time to get to know each other and support each other’s goals.
9. Ask open-ended questions and allow team members time to reflect and answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.
10. Try a fun approach to building your team. Creating a solid team takes time, effort and energy. Be clear in your direction and the team will follow.

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ALPHA Female

September 29, 2015 at 11:06 am

Leaning Into Love

10 Signs YOU are an ALPHA Female

  1. You more often than not always have an answer and are always right. This can be extremely irritating for everyone around you. But you speak up, not being afraid of having the wrong answer but empowered to be working toward a solution.
  2. You take time to recognize others, always coming from a place of having enough. You truly know the value in lifting others up to their highest potential.
  3. You leverage every situation and find a way to make it work for the next time.
  4. You are mindful of your language. Alpha females know they are in the spot light and as such are careful to empower rather than destroy those around them.
  5. You are goal oriented. You have your list and are very clear about the path you are clearing for yourself.
  6. You take time to reflect and relax. You are a busy lady, but know you will be better served when you have time to clear your mind and refocus.
  7. You don’t wait for someone to give you authority. You take it. You stand tall. You come into a room and there is no question you are present and aware.
  8. You expect respect. Respect is a value of being human, not of being part of the “in crowd.” Anything less says more about the people you are working with than about who you are as a woman.
  9. You model integrity. You have no issues with letting others know where you stand. You will use clear data points to show how it will be best for others to come aboard with true conviction or move on their way. You have no problem clearing your hands and moving forward.
  10. You know not to look back. The past is not the place to create your future. You know power comes from always being present in the moment. Alpha females know that who they are makes a difference right where they are at that moment.

Knowing who you are is important. Being strong is your divine right. However, never, ever, lose touch with your feminine power. Feminine power has nothing to do with being an Alpha and everything to do with your inner power.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync


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Did you know Cancer can be a gift?

October 11, 2013 at 9:45 pm

Did you know Cancer can be a gift?

It wasn’t long ago that I was up in LA having an incredible day of growing and expansion. I was in traffic on the way home when I got a text msg. from my sister,  “We have a diagnosis on mom. There is a road ahead, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

No one is ever really ready to hear someone has Cancer. However, when I first heard this, I thought to myself, wow…. thank goodness I am really living. I love my life, and I want to live it as fully as I possibly can. No Regrets!

I am not writing to tell you the details of my mother’s journey. However, I can tell you, when someone you love gets sick, it makes you look at things differently. For me it has been yet another reminder that life is short, and we are here to learn. We all have lessons to learn. The choice is ours to leverage our learning or not.

If we are really smart, we can learn from those who share with us.

The real challenge for me has been on how to strike a balance between what I thought I needed to do and be for my mother. When I have been with my mother, I have had the experience of stress, getting everything done, trying to get all the information, research other alternatives to give my mother more options. As she said to me not long ago “at times we are like sand paper… but aren’t we lucky!” It turns out she has as many choices as the rest of us. We get to choose how we want to move through whatever challenge life presents. Our responsibility as leaders is to listen for the learning and adjust our course of action accordingly.

For me, the biggest learning from Cancer was  to experience it as a gift. You heard me right.  Cancer has been a gift in my life. When I first had this realization that Cancer was a gift, tears began to flow. Not tears of fear of what might happen. My tears were of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and grace. Grace had literally filled my being. All the things I was resisting about cancer or fearing had all disappeared. I was able to realize that all the talks my mother and I had been having are the kind of talks that fill my heart with joy. They are conversations that bring laughter in the shadow of pain. Most importantly the gift of time with my mother is something that I think I had taken for granted. My time with my mother wasn’t about doing after this realization. It was about being. I think back about my time with her I am with her, rarely is the TV on. Sometimes we sit and watch the birds, or talk about a new insight. Mostly, I was present enough to just be with her.

No rushing around trying to do the right thing anymore. The gift of cancer is simply a gift for all of us to BE MORE FULLY PRESENT.

On 1 September 2013, my mother made her transition. She is, was, and always will be one of the most important leaders to impact my life. When I think of all that I have learned and gained from knowing her, it’s hard to be sad, and easier to be grateful.

Being In Sync One Moment At A Time,

~ Suzanne


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