10-Step Process To Transformation

July 28, 2016 at 8:07 am

Leading Into Transformation
10-Step Process to Transformation

Leading Into TransformationThe 10-Step Process to transformation

It was over nine years ago when I was sitting at my desk working on a global, cultural change initiative. It was a dream job. A culture rich in total conflict; emerging ideas and concepts clashing with the old-school mentality of military constructs. It was if the skies opened and the waters parted. I could not have been in a more enriched place for group dynamics than this. I LOVED IT. Then, while I was on a phone call, I was told one of the higher ups was waiting for me outside my office. He had been there waiting for over twenty minutes. I had no idea who this person was, I was completely focused on something else. Then I started to notice a small crowd growing outside my door. When someone finally came into my office, he demanded I get off the phone because this “higher up” was still waiting to talk to me.


“You must have screwed something up” he added. I rapidly ended my phone call and then I found the senior leader of the organization sitting in my office, asking me one question after another regarding my approach. I honestly answered each and every question asked. Finally, there was a chance to tell the real truth or just keep continuing to answer his questions. He said, of course, he wanted the truth. With a quick and honest assessment, I nailed the culture issue he had been struggling with for years.

Here is what happened in a nut shell—Leadership IS NOT a position. It is an action to move a group of people from where they want to go to where they need to go. I was not in any formal role at the time where I could coach or guide this senior leader. I had the courage, however, to speak my truth about where the issues were and what was needed to get his staff unstuck. Never in his leadership history had someone spoke the truth in such a compelling way. Why? Because leaders tend to do what they have seen. In the military, there is a culture and culture rules–that is until COURAGE in leadership emerges from within the ranks with people speaking the truth. Courage means looking at and seeing the whole system, not just a piece of it. That truth is much different than the personal truths that serve the self. It’s not a safe role to take up, however, it is needed for organizations, teams, and people to thrive!

Take one step, add a cup of courage, two cups of positive attitude, and 100% commitment.

The recipe for transformation: It doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be simple in context, but without all the ingredients in place, difficult in execution.

  1. Nothing can change without awareness. One must be willing to see the unseen in order to begin to transform.
  2. Be an active OBSERVER. Although I take pride in having an opinion and expressing it, there is great value in being an observer. Notice what you notice. It’s not about judging what you can or cannot do. Just notice what is happening inside of you.
  3. Reflection is a key to knowing how what you are seeing and noticing are impacting you. Why is it important? You will recognize and realize the impacts on you just by simply observing.
  4. Muster courage to follow what is needed to get what you desire. Know that the destination is not what is important, but the journey.
  5. One step. That’s all that is really needed–one step.
  6. Respond with action. Responding to what you are seeing is critical in gaining movement and momentum.
  7. Ensure you have a supportive environment. If need be, get a coach like me who believes in possibilities.
  8. Always give 100% of yourself. That means you never, never give up.
  9. Pace yourself. Like the saying goes: It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Train yourself to establish a pattern of success. Find your stride and stick with it until you know you need to make a course adjustment.
  10. Attitude determines your wellbeing. Science shows you heal faster when you have a positive attitude. Learn to see the good not in one thing but in everything. Train your attitude to reflect your accomplishments already happening right now.

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Live. Love. Thrive.

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Execution Is the Real Game

May 19, 2016 at 11:12 am

imagesStrategic plans are great, but some organizations struggle with the real work. It’s not the ideas that make the organization, but the ability to execute those ideas that have been revealed.

Apple, Inc. is a company at the top of its game. Not because it has a great strategic plan—no, it would be silly to think that. They are at the top because their only competition is…themselves. They compete to make their newest innovation outperform their last idea. They develop and market products knowing that the succeeding products are going to improve upon what they have already produced. They don’t look for the greatest ideas, they look for a great idea and then focus on taking that idea to the next level.

We all have ideas. In fact, ideas are out there for every single one of us. The difference between a great idea and a bad idea all comes back to execution. You know—what we do with what we know!

I have been in leadership consulting for years. Continually, I have seen consultants reproduce other people’s work over and over again. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just means they’re not in touch with their own greatness.

The people who are drawn to me for my consultancy expertise know when they come to me they will be tapping into themselves. I don’t tell them how to do their work. I show them how to tap into their greatness so their work becomes their greatest piece of music.

Strategic plans are like a sheet of music. When they are played in the right tune, the execution is beautiful. The music may not start out as beautiful, but it is made beautiful by bringing in the right instruments at the right time. Each instrument brings a different tone and tune to make the entire piece complete.

So you see…the plan and the execution go hand in hand. Being In Sync is about bringing the two halves together for quantum productivity.


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Are You In Sync?
First, I want to thank you for reading my postings. Now, it’s your turn to join in the fun and contribute!

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  3. If this post resonates with you in any way, please share your thoughts, your past experiences or your future intentions by adding your comments below. I love to hear what others are taking away from reading my posts!

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Team Sabotage

April 7, 2016 at 9:50 am

Victory is Working TogetherHow sabotage can show up in teams can be deceiving. Why? Because most people believe that they are acting as an individual. Most people have no awareness that there is always a group dynamic and group energy at play. So in essence most leaders miss clear patterns and themes that show up for teams because they are so focused on individual behavior.

Here are some obvious patterns that show up with dysfunctional teams:

Decision Making is delayed or avoided- what is often a simple decision, low impact, low risk can be discussed for hours and yet not decision or direction is clear.

Lacks of clarity- Team members are unsure or unaware of each team member’s responsibilities. This often leads to duplication of efforts throughout the organization.

Seeking Power – Many team members are seeking power and recognition for themselves vice the winning of a project that allows the organization to be successful.

Blaming – Someone in the group is always blaming another person, department, decision maker for the situation that they are grappling with.

Anytime there is a lack of responsibility within a team, there is an issue with leadership. Leadership ultimately picks and chooses what type of behavior will be acceptable moving forward. The avoidance of conflict can be detrimental to the results within every department. Teams model behavior of their leader, good and bad, it makes no difference.

Just like kids employees do as the leader does not as the leader says. So if your team is sabotaging your progress with any one of the points above you will want to take some time to reflect and get aligned within yourself.

All change begins with you.

The team is merely showing you where you need to grow as a leader. Be thankful and grateful for the lessons. Those with the courage to reflect and make adjustments, in turn allows others to do the same.

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20 Super Easy Tips to Motivate Others

November 18, 2015 at 3:54 pm

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to inspire others. But with every effort you make energy and momentum follow. Here are some super simple tips that anyone can do and they don’t cost a penny.

“Motivation” is here!

  1. Smile often.
  2. Tell a good joke.
  3. Share a personal motivational story.
  4. Watch a clip of Les Brown.
  5. Have a clear plan that everyone understands.
  6. Set clear milestones for goals.
  7. Have a motivational team song.
  8. Keep a list of motivational quotes on your desk.
  9. Celebrate–just because it feels good.
  10. Be specific and tell others what they are doing that is working well
  11. If you don’t feel happy… act happy anyways! (Fake it ‘til you make it)
  12. Have a standard open-ended question you ask yourself daily. An example would be: “What can I be grateful for today?”
  13. Re-evaluate your goals.
  14. Know what your successes are.
  15. Play the cash flow game (if you have never played, contact me–it’s fun!)
  16. Give a pep talk to someone who needs it.
  17. Stop being a perfectionist and start appreciating the gifts that make you stronger.
  18. Watch some inspiring TED Talks. ( Love this one… just happens to be the #2 most watched TedTalk)
  19. Visualize you and your team succeeding.
  20. Make plans for what you will do when you succeed at your goal.

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KISS: Make Building Your Team More Fun

October 29, 2015 at 9:35 am

Laugh and Thrive

The last few years I have focused on making things more fun (for me and my clients). Everything doesn’t have to be so difficult. We make it that way by our attitudes. So why not make building your team more fun too? It can be done. Here are some simple tips that anyone can do right away.

1. Assign different team members to take the lead on team initiatives.
2. Hold your team meetings in different locations once a month or once per quarter.
3. Conduct mini surveys and share with each team member what it is they are doing that is working.
4. Bring in guest speakers to add a fresh new approach to your topics.
5. Frequently and constructively talk about how the team, as a whole, could improve.
6. Take corrective action on team dissatisfaction areas.
7. Measure progress often.
8. Take time to get to know each other and support each other’s goals.
9. Ask open-ended questions and allow team members time to reflect and answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.
10. Try a fun approach to building your team. Creating a solid team takes time, effort and energy. Be clear in your direction and the team will follow.

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The Engery of Language

October 1, 2015 at 10:56 am

Full Circle

How we speak about ourselves frames our experiences. What is a frame? A frame is a window through which we see something. We can actually change the window, perhaps make it a door, by changing our language.

For example:

“If I decide to leave this (job/relationship) the company/person will be ruined.”

That is an assumption that many people create in their minds. They frame themselves as being so significant that others cannot survive or thrive without them. Of course this is not true, but we frame situations to make us feel safe and important. We can change our frame to actually make us feel better and allow us to create possibilities for others. The challenge here is to change the language. It is the first step in becoming aware of your thinking.

This is done by going step by step through the situation and looking at all the possible outcomes. Once you do this, you will soon realize that as you free yourself, you free others too.

Here is an example of the above, rephrased: If I leave my job/relationship, it may be hard for me and them at first. Eventually we will all be stronger and better for it. We will all find a new way to progress forward and eventually it will be possible to see this past experience we thought was bad as a gift–the gift to help us further along in our life purpose.

Change your energy language and you change your world.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync.


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Transformational Tuesday – Increase Your Focus During Meetings

September 29, 2015 at 11:10 am

Happy New Year!

                I See You

10 Ways to Increase Your Focus During Meetings

I have facilitated many long meetings. They can be tough on just about everyone. However, just about all people on a team want to be successful. They want you to help bring them closer to that in a meeting.  As a faciliator it is our responsibility to ensure everyone is able to participate. If people are checking out chances are the productivity will decrease.  Here are 10 ways to increase YOUR focus during meetings:

  1. Attend to your needs. Be sure to “take care of business” before the meeting (go to the toilet). It’s not easy to focus when your body is uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure you have eaten. If you attend meetings consistently hungry, you will be easily distracted by your hunger pains.
  3. Stay hydrated. If your only fluid choice is caffeine, then you are not going to be balanced and attentive in a way that serves you and the organization best. Drink fluids that hydrate you. Caffeine is one liquid that actually dehydrates the body. Also, bringing cold water with you to each meeting will help your focus.
  4. Create the agenda before the meeting. Clarity helps everyone get prepared.
  5. Follow the agenda. Often, topics arise during a meeting that do not need to include all participants. Take notice and take them offline to discuss at a later date.
  6. Check off the items you’ve completed. As you move through the agenda, cross off items that have already been covered.
  7. Stick to a time limit. Ensure you have planned a meeting that lasts for the appropriate amount of time. If you planned a 60-minute meeting but have 2 hours worth of agenda items, your group will leave feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.
  8. Conduct meetings in a consistent manner. Ensure the meetings are held within the proper frequency. If you are not meeting that often, this will influence how well others work together.
  9. Provide energy boosters, when necessary. If your meetings are held in the late afternoon, having healthy snacks will help everyone curve those afternoon munchies and give you the energy boost you need to get what you need to get done completed.
  10. Provide rest breaks for long meetings. If you are having a meeting that lasts longer than 30 minutes, be sure to add in a 2-minute stretch break. It will help keep everyone alert and at their best. A little stretch can go a long way.

I would love your comments and any additional tips/tricks you might have.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync.


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ALPHA Female

September 29, 2015 at 11:06 am

Leaning Into Love

10 Signs YOU are an ALPHA Female

  1. You more often than not always have an answer and are always right. This can be extremely irritating for everyone around you. But you speak up, not being afraid of having the wrong answer but empowered to be working toward a solution.
  2. You take time to recognize others, always coming from a place of having enough. You truly know the value in lifting others up to their highest potential.
  3. You leverage every situation and find a way to make it work for the next time.
  4. You are mindful of your language. Alpha females know they are in the spot light and as such are careful to empower rather than destroy those around them.
  5. You are goal oriented. You have your list and are very clear about the path you are clearing for yourself.
  6. You take time to reflect and relax. You are a busy lady, but know you will be better served when you have time to clear your mind and refocus.
  7. You don’t wait for someone to give you authority. You take it. You stand tall. You come into a room and there is no question you are present and aware.
  8. You expect respect. Respect is a value of being human, not of being part of the “in crowd.” Anything less says more about the people you are working with than about who you are as a woman.
  9. You model integrity. You have no issues with letting others know where you stand. You will use clear data points to show how it will be best for others to come aboard with true conviction or move on their way. You have no problem clearing your hands and moving forward.
  10. You know not to look back. The past is not the place to create your future. You know power comes from always being present in the moment. Alpha females know that who they are makes a difference right where they are at that moment.

Knowing who you are is important. Being strong is your divine right. However, never, ever, lose touch with your feminine power. Feminine power has nothing to do with being an Alpha and everything to do with your inner power.

Live. Love. Thrive. Being In Sync


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Lead With The Truth

November 18, 2014 at 5:03 pm

Lead With the Truth

Our challenge as leaders to become great depends much on our ability to reflect and adjust. Many times, what has helped us to achieve success is not what will keep us there. I’ve often observed people in positions of authority refuse to fully embody their roles in lieu of doing other work that they find less draining, but also less fulfilling. More and more people want to avoid what is a truth for them.

Perhaps they are in the wrong position? Perhaps they need a life transition instead of a promotion they have been chasing? Perhaps these shifts are not something that causes great loss but brings greater fulfillment.

It has become more and more common for people to move blindly through life in the hopes that everything will “work out.” They don’t take the time to reflect, adjust or make different choices. They ignore that feeling deep down in their gut that something is not right.

It begins when we are young; it happens with such subtlety that we hardly understand it’s not real. What do you think I am referring to? Is it our weight? Our age? No, no, it’s simpler than even that. It’s our truth.

Being honest with ourselves has become so foreign. How do I know? I hear week after week. I hear story after story of clients who are at the top of their game and yet completely out of touch. Professionalism has become how well you can cover up the truth rather than speak out about what will help save an organization, a team, a family. We cover up our intuitive thoughts and knowing because if it’s said directly and openly, it is considered mean or unprofessional.

The truth is ours to speak. The more honest we are with speaking what we know, the more we become the leaders of our own life.

The best leaders worry less about being in the right role and more about their truth.

Tips to be more in your knowing:

  • Stop gossiping. Give yourself a 24-hour challenge to refrain from talking about anyone else. You may speak to your experiences with others but not about them
  • Write in a journal or take notes on your calendar of how many times you said something that wasn’t true. Tracking helps us to become aware. As we become more aware of our current behaviors, we allow more space to make different choices.
  • Notice where you might blame others for your situation. Blaming is the quickest way to know you are not taking full responsibility.
  • Celebrate your being in your truth. Celebrations, having fun, laughing are energy that propel us forward into our strength. Celebrate when you are speaking up and out in your truth.


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Fake Nice

May 18, 2014 at 11:18 am

Keeping It Real

“How are you?”…“Fine Thanks”…“How was your meal?”…“Do you have a minute?”

There are more “niceties” I am sure. However have your ever really thought about how much you lie and cheat yourself by asking these things when you really don’t care? What does it mean to ask someone about himself or herself and not really be present or engaged? It means you are cheating. Yep that is right you are cheating yourself of bonding more with your truth.

This last year I spent a lot of time traveling. While I was in Canada I was perplexed as to why I couldn’t connect with someone. The Wisdom came from the waiter who explained part of the culture to me. I will call it “Fake Nice.” Awe this makes sense, you can’t connect when someone else doesn’t want to connect. It’s that simple. Doesn’t matter why just matters that you were being authentic in your intentions., That multiplies 100x plus.

What does this really mean though?

When I was in Graduate school I remember having what I remember as an intense, passionate conversation with a Japanese exchange student. He was describing what he described as how “out of touch Americans were”. Curious I wanted to know more. As he went on he described how casual conversation of “how are you” was so prevalent. People everywhere ask this question. “How are you?” The typical response is “Good, how are you?” Every once in a while people slip and ask again.  These people asking he said, they really don’t care. If they did when I said I was having a bad day or it was so-so they wouldn’t just pacify me. Potentially there would be more of an attempt to connect and see if there was anything you could do (this would be my response)

I don’t think most people want to know how they feel. If they did then the responses would be very different. Don’t you think?

Here is where I stand. Do not ask me how am I if you really don’t care. Do not pretend to be interested if you are not. You are not hurting me as much as you are hurting yourself.

One might say, oh I don’t think it’ that big of a deal. My question back to you is: Are you sure?

The truth hurts they say and the reason why is because you don’t get to keep lying to yourself anymore. The reality is that the truth sets you free. Freedom is what this blog is about today. Having the freedom to not ask someone something you really don’t care about. When they take the time and energy to try and connect with you and there is no response.

This Fake Nice has become an epidemic. We pretend we are something we are not (like: in the moment or connecting or loving or kind etc).  It’s a bunch of hooky poky (you like that one?)  We are not honoring what is deep inside of ourselves, our honest to goodness truth. GASP.

I know I said it but honest with yourself first. Knock off the passive aggressive attitude and get real within yourself. Start noticing what you are doing and if you still want to continue.

This isn’t about making me feel good.  This is about you honoring your voice. Every time you do something that is not IN SYNC inside you weaken every systems in which you operate  (home, work, family, friends, social media, etc).

Stand tall and  notice when you are Fake Nice and KNOCK IT OFF!

Have an opinion on what I wrote? Let me know!

Being In Sync,





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