Execution Is the Real Game

May 19, 2016 at 11:12 am

imagesStrategic plans are great, but some organizations struggle with the real work. It’s not the ideas that make the organization, but the ability to execute those ideas that have been revealed.

Apple, Inc. is a company at the top of its game. Not because it has a great strategic plan—no, it would be silly to think that. They are at the top because their only competition is…themselves. They compete to make their newest innovation outperform their last idea. They develop and market products knowing that the succeeding products are going to improve upon what they have already produced. They don’t look for the greatest ideas, they look for a great idea and then focus on taking that idea to the next level.

We all have ideas. In fact, ideas are out there for every single one of us. The difference between a great idea and a bad idea all comes back to execution. You know—what we do with what we know!

I have been in leadership consulting for years. Continually, I have seen consultants reproduce other people’s work over and over again. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just means they’re not in touch with their own greatness.

The people who are drawn to me for my consultancy expertise know when they come to me they will be tapping into themselves. I don’t tell them how to do their work. I show them how to tap into their greatness so their work becomes their greatest piece of music.

Strategic plans are like a sheet of music. When they are played in the right tune, the execution is beautiful. The music may not start out as beautiful, but it is made beautiful by bringing in the right instruments at the right time. Each instrument brings a different tone and tune to make the entire piece complete.

So you see…the plan and the execution go hand in hand. Being In Sync is about bringing the two halves together for quantum productivity.


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