The Purge

January 30, 2014 at 10:16 am

So here it is – the moment of truth (or at least, one of them). You come home… You arrive and put your things in the pile of things by the door. You pass by the stairs (you’ve left something there, too, that you meant to take up – they’ve been sitting there for a week or longer). You go to your table to eat, only to move some of the items or mail you have yet to go through.

Then, you take a gander at your office or spare room that has taken on a life of its own. So, ok, maybe you aren’t on the TV Show Hoarders, but you have a bit of your own issue with letting go. Don’t worry, you are not alone. The time has come to clean and clear the clutter… yes that means PURGE!

Every year, I make a list of those piles of things, I call them irritations. They might be spaces, corners, closets or rooms that you know need attention but get postponed for another time. Only the time has now gone from days, to weeks, to months, and for some of you very special ones, it’s been years.

Well here is what you may know but didn’t want to realize. All those untouched irritations are really just keeping you from feeling free. That’s right, keeping you from TRUE FREEDOM. Those things are limiting your creative juices, keeping your energy low, bogging you down. Sounds like a little thing, but here is the truth. Those little things that bother you add up! When you address a little thing, you get what is called momentum. That’s right, it’s AKA energy. This is what we all need to move forward.

Here is the deal that I did this last week. I had already started a pile of “sleep ware.” Truth be told, I love my PJ’s, but, I decided some just had to go. I started a pile in the hallway, the perfect place to continue the irritation to make sure I moved these items out.

I then thought of all the other items I had in my closet, “holding on too.” And, then I began to think about the meaning of being in sync. There was a conflict right? So I needed to resolve this. I went through each hanger and looked at each item with this simple thought: If I am not using this, can someone else be served better by having it? If the answer was YES, it came off the hanger and into the bag. It was that simple, or was it?

Letting Go

I then found a pair of jeans that were more than 20 years old!!!! Ok, so they were old, but they still fit! Maybe they will come back in style I thought to myself. Then the question came to mind and the answer was simple. Those jeans could be better served by someone who needs them. I do not. Decision done, jeans gone! Here are two charities that will take your clothing donations and make sure they get to someone who really needs them: The Women’s Alliance and  Dress For Success.

Some more tips that might help you during YOUR purge:
-Make a list of all the areas in your home and office that are irritations.
-Pick one area a quarter to focus on and clear
– A great tip from one of my girlfriends if you are working on your closet, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, or last season, it gets donated.
– Gym Clothes, it’s really ok to let it go. The one with the holes might be comfortable but it’s not cute. If you don’t feel your best in it, let it go.
– Stay hydrated. Going through things can take time and focus. It helps to have a fresh glass of your favorite drink right next to you during the process.
– Have FUN with it all. Laugh at yourself. If you can’t laugh at my keeping a pair of jeans for over 20 years that I never wear, then you are missing out.
Life is funny. We do funny things. Let your purge be a sign that you are ready to move on and be in service to others who need what you don’t want anymore.

Being In Sync,


Dreams: The Truth Is In You

January 25, 2014 at 8:58 am

I like to think I am intuitive. I’m not a physic by any means; however I do listen, and when I am feeling courageous; I actually act on the information that I am getting. With that said, often times, our dreams can be an avenue of wisdom.

Last night I had a dream. It was of my mother who has recently passed. In the dream, she was in the hospital and incubated (she had a tube down her throat).  She hated being in the hospital with this tube down her throat. She was completely lucid in her thinking and articulation of intent to remove the tube. I was able to have the tube removed and then brought her home. She was at home and happy. I saw her with her friends, and she was speaking her truth with them as each came to visit (I assume to pay their respects and to spend some time with her). As this happened, I was standing in her kitchen juicing for her and her visitors. She spoke with each of them with great intent. She was sharing with them her all her secrets she held for far too long. As she did this, I could see clearly her vibration and frequency getting larger and larger, stronger and stronger. It was absolutely beautiful to see. Then I realized she wasn’t dying. In fact she was living vibrantly. She was able to live more fully and in complete joy knowing that secrets she had that were holding her back from her true self were now free. As she did this she too became free. When she did make her final transition she did so in peace with her truth spoken to herself and those around her.

The real truth, this isn’t at all what happened with my mother. She was truly unable to speak with words at the end. It was not an easy passing for her. Although this was her path it does not need to be ours. This dream is an indication for us all when we choose to be in our truth. My mother did the best she knew how. She was scared like many of us of how others might react or what they might think of her. I’ve certainly had those moments too. However, we are strong beings and our truth is ours to speak, to learn from, to grow. Playing small doesn’t serve anyone. Certainly, it doesn’t serve you!

I believe this is not only a message for me but for you, too. Are you willing to live your life more courageously by speaking your truth? If so, this dream shares with me you too will be rewarded with more joyful moments if you takes steps to know and speak your truth. You will vibrate at a higher frequency. You will be able to have deep meaningful relationships that transcend and transform you into who you have always wanted to be.

You might be wondering, how do I speak my truth?  How do I know my truth? I am on this journey of discovery for years and I am still learning.  Here are some tips that I have found helpful.

1. Say those things that you have been thinking about for years and speak them to yourself first. Acknowledge to yourself that you have these thoughts/ideas/revelations.  Example: Although, I may love someone, I realize I don’t like them very much. I don’t like how they treat me. In this knowing you may discover you have more choices than you thought you did before.

This acknowledgement inside, now frees me up to have more choices (I love having more options). I can continue the relationship, knowing it doesn’t feel good to me. I can change the relationship by creating new boundaries. I can decide to spend less time with this person. I can have a heart to heart conversation with them. The list of options goes on and on. The key here is that you were first honest with yourself. Your Truth to YOU is what is most important.

2. If you like to write, take 5-10 minutes each day to journal. Although I think gratitude journals are fantastic I also believe that if people just processed their thoughts, they would come to be grateful for the lessons that are present in just being present with one’s inner thoughts. There is healing in this.

3. Be courageous. Take a small step. Share a thought or make a request. As you begin to expand your truth with yourself and others, from what I have seen, magic begins to happen Gifts appear in the most incredible ways.

4. Your truth may change as you change. That is ok. Have a knowing that your past is not who you are and therefore your truth in this moment might be different than you previously thought. This is ok, it is safe for you to change and know yourself differently.

Warning:  Speaking your truth does not mean others will like it. It’s not about them changing; it is about you expanding. Remember my dream… as each word of truth was spoken with my mother, her vibration expanded. With every secret revealed, her joy emanated. This too can be true for all of us.

Being In Sync One Moment At A Time,


What do goals have to do with the separation of Church and State?

January 9, 2014 at 8:06 am

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!


New Goals, New Sharing… but what do goals mean without the energy behind them? Read more to find out how I turn it around.

Every year, I take my clients on a journey of self-discovery and new beginnings. Often, they don’t know what it is that I am doing, but something deeper inside asks them to trust me, to trust the process, to learn to trust themselves more.
The process of setting and achieving goals is one that goes back in time. My personal opinion is that goals are a socially acceptable way to set very clear and specific prayers for yourself, your teams and your organizations. Here, in the United States, there is a formal separation between what is known as church and state. This is where prayer is not allowed in the schools or in any government entities. You may wonder what this has to do with goals. I look at my goals as prayers. They are very clear, very specific, and I know the reasons WHY I am moving in that direction. All components of prayer work for me, and thus my goals are allowed to take on a new form for me personally, aka prayers, and be socially acceptable in the work place.

Goals are not required for success. Clarity is. Goals are not required to be specific. Clarity is. You see, clarity is a keystone for knowing yourself, what it is you are doing and where you are heading. Having and keeping a process for goal setting can develop all of these.

I love my process of goal setting, intention setting, and goal forming. Use whatever words that work for you. What matters most is the feelings behind the words. Do you feel anxiety or stress around NOT having your goal achieved. Is so that is a problem. Reframe your goal!

How you feel about what you are doing, or going for, is always the momentum that will help guide your goals into reality. This process really is about making what seems impossible, possible. It is about making the intangible, tangible. Both success and happiness are made from this process.
Three key steps to keep in mind for your 2014 goals:

1. Get out of your head! If you are keeping your goals up in your head, good luck on them becoming your reality. Take the time now. Write them down, you will be glad you did.

2. Know why your goal is your goal. Don’t settle for the first few things that come to your mind. Go 5 why’s deep with each goal you have. This process will help you become clear as to why you have it on your list. If you start to struggle with why you are making it a goal, it is a great indication you might not be fully committed to what you think you want.

3. Keep your goals private, not secret. There is a difference between being private with your goals and not sharing at all. It is ok to share your dreams and desires; however, some people appear to be supportive of goals, but the undertone is one of questioning, “Who do you think you are.” You know the type. A simple rule of thumb for goal sharing is if they don’t have their goals written down, then you don’t share. If they do, have an incredible goal sharing conversation. It’s sure to be one that all remember.

Keep me posted on what you think about what I have shared. I guarantee you, I have my goals written and ready to become my reality.