“Syncing” Moments- Month of May in review

May 31, 2011 at 9:02 am

The month of May has come and gone quickly. This seems pretty mellow in comparison to the incredible month of April. Mellow is good though, don’t get me wrong. The month began with my taking time to get certified in a new energy modality. Not something I would typically spend my time with, but this seems to be interesting and makes a huge difference in how I feel. So there I was in a daylong class experience, shifting, and eroding past ideas and creating a new way of thinking and feeling. It’s been incredible. So much so I decided to track all the amazing shifts that have occurred.

One might say I have been in a writing frenzy (that wouldn’t be me because writing takes a lot of time, thought, prep and energy). I had been changing my mind about the direction of my book for weeks. Finally a few days after my energy- filled, centering day, wah-la, I have a book concept that I LOVE and that I believe others are going to love to read. Very exciting!  The foundation for the book has been completed now in less than three weeks.

It was about a week later creating my new story line that I was contacted by an online blog asking for me, Suzanne Weinstein, to be a guest blogger on their site. I just drafted my first blog for them. I will post the link as soon as it’s released.

A few days after that, I was contacted by CEO Magazine for their cover article. I had the interview this last week with Tammy. It was fantastic! It’s so much fun sharing what we do at In Sync! I can’t wait to see what she puts together.

The Weinstein Factor video was not feeling very In Sync a month ago. Today we are in final edits. Should be released some time in June. I can’t wait for you to see it!

May also included a great business trip back to Virginia. I love going back to Virginia as it gives me an opportunity to continue the Culture Change initiative and to see my previous clients and catch up.

I also want to mention what a small world we live in. The internet is amazing in the ways we can connect. Just this last week I was contacted by a someone who knew me back in my SDSU college days. This person was not as a friend, not as fellow student, and barely an associate. But they remembered me. This person knew me because I would walk for hours around the SDSU campus. I loved to walk and anyone who saw me knew I was always out walking when I wasn’t in class or studying. Long story short, this person found me on my website as they were looking for a coach to help them transition jobs and called when they found my website. It was so much fun to talk with them and see how they have changed and talk about what In Sync does. His comments about who I was and who I am today were fascinating to me. It turns out he really didn’t need much coaching at all. Just to be grounded back into what he already knew… connect with your real values and there is no need to challenge yourself in the same ways you always have. Time to create something new with ease and joy and watch everything flow in.

Oh, yes, I also posted about the NAWBO Signature Award. This has been an interesting experience for me to be nominated and win. First and foremost, it’s an honor to be nominated. I’ve heard that before but it’s really true. My life is full of action and adventure. What this nomination helped me to do was to take stock of my accomplishments and to be present as people congratulated me and to be grateful for having the opportunity every day to make a difference in some else’s life. To say I am appreciative is an understatement.

Lots of “Syncing” moments this month!!! Fun, huh?!?!?

Does It Make You Happy Or Not?

May 24, 2011 at 1:12 pm

I have been using this question as my theme for the month of May. It seems easy to continue to complain about things that are going on around you. This question quickly brings me back to the basics. It reminds me that I have a decision everyday, every hour, every moment to decide to think or do things differently. AND to think about those things that actually make me happy. Then I am responsible for my reality. No one else. That is a very empowering perspective to take.

What I have noticed over the last few weeks is this:

#1 I am having a hell of a lot more fun!  Yep. I realized just by posing the question I made decision differntly. I made decisions that allowed me to feel better with more freedom.

#2 I see more opportunities to expand. I was able to take classes that I normally would have passed on. I was able to change my schedule with ease and flexibility.

#3 I made some great new connections. I met people who were interesting and FUN to talk to whom I learned from.

Over all I would say it was different to ask myself daily if what I was doing made me happy or not. It shifted my perspective and propelled me to think about more what does make me happy and do more of those things.  After all its my responsibility to make myself happy.

Would love to know your thoughts….

Living In Sync One Moment At A Time,



May 19, 2011 at 8:55 am

It’s nice to be recognized. Thank you to the National Association Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for recognizing In Sync with the Signature Award for the incredible results that we have achieved with our clients over the last 10 years.

The Signature Award is presented to the San Diego woman business owner who’s been consistent and persistent in business practices for at least 10 years and who’s demonstrated stellar leadership attributes within and outside her business.

As a small business owner, woman, and just trying to make the world a better place as a leader living In Sync, I am honored to be recognized by NAWBO.

Are You Actively Creating Your Best Career Path?

May 9, 2011 at 6:24 pm

There is no doubt there is a better time than now to begin to realize your dreams. Our careers are most joyful and successful when linked with our dreams. For me it’s making a difference in the world with the Weinstein Factor approach and leadership development. We all have something to offer in service of others. It is from this place, I believe, that we are gifted from giving. It’s that incredible?!?!

My approach to Career paths is that we need to be aligned, better yet, In Sync, with what it is we desire, otherwise the career path will drive you instead of you driving it.

BLUF (a new acronym I learned…. Bottom Line Up Front)

People Hire People They Like And Trust.  Your job then becomes not just your work but also knowing, and for some of you discovering how you are being perceived by those around you.

Tips for finding out if you are trusted:

– Do you notice people frequently are seeking you out for advice?

– Do others confide in you without worrying that what they share with you will go public?

– Do you notice people are always stopping by to spend time and you are needing to establish boundaries?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, chances are you are a person many trust. Perhaps even the “Go To” person to get things done. This means you are getting the visibility needed to go to the next level. Good for you!

If you answered “I’m not sure” to any of the questions, then we have some actions to take. Lets start with a mini survey. This five-step process is a fantastic tool to get you right in the mix of personal and professional development.

Number 1 Get 5 5×7 cards

Number 2 Develop 3-5 Questions

* Sample Questions: Do I effectively manage time? Would you describe me as an active listener? Am I trustworthy? Do you see me as a “go to” person to get things accomplished?

Number 3 Use a scale of 1-5 below each question (1 being low, 5 being high)

Number 4 Give these cards out to 5 of your peers/subordinates to answer.

Number 5 Once you have collected the cards. You want to add up your scores for each question, divide your total by 5 (the number of cards given out) to get your average score.


4-5 Excellent

3-4 Needs Improvement

3- Below needs significant improvement

Now, you have answers to your questions and can see how others are perceiving you, you can make specific changes in a more appropriate manner. This will save you time, effort and energy. Once you decide the one area you are going to focus on improving, let everyone around you know. This will help keep you accountable.

In 30-60 days, survey again to see how you have improved. People love to be a part of helping someone else. They also like to be a part of making a positive change. This puts you in the spotlight to be a person of your word and also allows people to see you in the light of great but still improving. People trust people who honor their word and put actions behind them.

Good luck and remember not to take anything too personally. This process is all about growth, gaining visibility, and getting out of your comfort zone.

Living In Sync One Moment At A Time,


In Sync Moments

May 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm

April 2011 was an incredible month. I participated in the life changing Summit at Sea the first week. Little did I know that it would change the way I want to do business for good. It was not a paradigm shift for me, it was a paradigm flip. My three BIG take- a-ways from the five-day event:

Number one, Dream Bigger! There were literally hundreds of people who were happy, healthy, prosperous and yes… LIVING THEIR DREAM. It was, and still remains, incredibly inspiring.

Number two, Give Back More! I listened to some of the most incredible speakers and all had a common theme of giving back to the community. I have always considered giving back to be a big part of my yearly goals. However, after this trip, I am moved to make giving back an integral part of my business model. I am still thinking about different ways that I could do this. For now, I am offering free initial team assessments to help organizations and leaders get a new perspective on their team. If you know someone who can benefit, please forward this blog.

Number three, I AM BLESSED!  I have always felt guided, provided, and looked after. I have traveled the world. I have meet amazing, influential people. This Summit Series provided to be another data point for me for how beautiful life can be when we are open to the blessings.

As the month moved forward, I realized that I was drawn to a particular organization. I looked at their website, noticed they are a local San Diego organization.  I didn’t think much more of it. Then the following week, I noticed Oprah had them on her show. I smiled as I took this to be an omen. Two weeks later, I am volunteering to judge a high school Social Venture competition when I met the judge next to me. It turns out he is one of the founders of the organization and asked if I would be willing to help his team. I smiled and said “I would be honored.”

A full circle In Sync moment! Do you have something similar you are willing to share? I would love to hear it.

Living In Sync One Moment At A Time,

~ Suzanne