Do you have the keys?

April 28, 2011 at 9:17 am

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Are you happy at work?

April 19, 2011 at 8:53 am

Fascinating idea and yet so many people struggle to think it is actually possible. I was coaching a client the other day and we talked about how overwhelming life, work, kids, husband, family, friends, community service can be. Constantly being pulled from one meeting to another. Rushing to get home, rushing to eat, rushing to rest. The nonsense of the it all. How do we get it to stop?  How do we take the simplicity of being and implement it into a daily practice?

It’s not easy in the sense that it takes commitment to yourself. How often do you think: I can meditate later? I can exercise later? I can eat later? Everything that nurtures and cares for yourself is put off as less than everything else that is pressing in your life.

The commitment is to you, first and foremost. Without that commitment what you are giving to others is less than. And guess what, you are not fooling them either. Do you get that? I hope so. If you missed it, you are fooling yourself. Self-care is the beginning of giving the best of who you are and what you are giving to others.

Believe it or not it doesn’t have to take all day. It can take 5 minutes here or there. My meditations started at 5 minutes over 15 years ago. I started meditation years ago it’s something I always found fascinating about how the mind works. I recall looking at the clock at 3 minutes thinking 5 had already passed. I made myself sit there in complete silence until 5 minutes had passed. I made myself watch my thoughts race by. Certainly, enough to give one anxiety. I found it amazing to sit in observer mode for that short time each day. After a while my 5 minutes turned into 10 and so forth.

I have committed myself that meditation time is always a time just for me. Nothing interrupts that time of the day. No phone calls, text msgs, emails, visitors, etc. It is a commitment to me that I can be more present, more connected to those I am with so I am completely present with them. Sometimes I am observing and appreciating what I see, hear, smell, agree with, disagree, and simply in acceptance with. Sometimes it’s easier than others but the point is that you are increasing your awareness with the intention to be fully present. That means accepting what is and not trying to change or control it.

Coaching Tips:

– Make yourself a priority. Happiness starts with YOU!

– Pick something that you are willing to commit to for a short period of time (say 4 weeks)

– Make it specific so that it is very clear what you need to do to complete it

– Enjoy the process and do your best to not beat yourself up. if you miss a day. Just start again. It’s that simple.

Webinar Series to Help Increase Productivity and Profit

April 18, 2011 at 10:29 am

International Executive Coaching and Team Leadership Development Consultant Leverages Experience with More Than 400 Individuals and Organizations For Free Webinar Series

SAN DIEGO – April 14, 2011 – In Sync Consulting, an international executive coaching and team leadership development firm, is launching a new webinar series hosted by its founder and president, Suzanne Weinstein. Leveraging her guaranteed method for achieving key business results in 90 days, Weinstein will guide listeners through interactive sessions and personalized tips to improve individual and company productivity and increase profits.

The new monthly webinar series is free for participants and begins April 27 at 11 a.m. PT with a session on creating your best career path. Ideal for small business owners, corporate executives and other business leaders, it will provide listeners with the ability to learn the needed tools to turn themselves and their group into a high performing team. To participate, listeners can register for the first session at

“Especially in this economy, it’s important to seek out trusted resources for professional development,” said Weinstein. “I’m proud to help small business owners and corporate executives through this free opportunity to get the answers they want and advice they may not realize they need. The In Sync Consulting webinar series will do just that – provide an interactive forum for personalized expert feedback.”

Over the past 10 years, In Sync Consulting has helped more than 400 executives and organizations from all over the world develop effective cost reduction and avoidance strategies. This work has resulted in reducing overtime by up to 75 percent, sick leave by 36 percent and turnover to less than eight percent.

The webinar series will help a broader range of companies get the tools they need to compete in this economy. The monthly sessions will be hosted the last week of each month as follows:

April                                  How to Create Your Best Career Path

May                                   Reducing Sick Time and Turnover

June                                  Leadership Strategic Planning Made Easy

July                                    How to Create an Environment of Accountability and Responsibility

August                              Tips and Tricks for Creating Smooth Change Management

September                        Living In Sync

October                            Time Management for Managers

November                        Thriving in Challenging Times

December                         Becoming a More Efficient, In Sync You in the New Year

For more information about In Sync Consulting’s webinar series or executive coaching and team leadership development services, visit To register for the April 27 session, ”How to Create Your Best Career Path,” visit

Windows of Opportunity

April 14, 2011 at 8:11 pm

I have clients that work and work to have a specific result. When out of the blue a beautiful opportunity emerges for them to gracefully enter a space that will allow them to get the results, visibility and prestige. However, suddenly and they become frightened. Here are some comments that come up: “Did they prepare enough? Do they have the right answers? Is this the right time? I need to clear this with my boss first. ”

This is what I call a defining moment. My response typically goes like this: This is a time to step into your power. Speak your truth. There is no wrong.  This a golden opportunity for growth and learning. These are the kind of moments we seek. The moments that we are aware we are stepping into our greatness. This means taking a step to be couragous and take a risk. That means knowing that in your truth, wrong does not exist. The timing is perfect because it is here and you are aware of it. That is beautiful. Don’t try to control it, or manipulate it to be something that it isn’t.  Control is nothing more than a big distraction that one seeks to have when they realize it doesn’t exist at all.

Enjoy the process of stepping up in the “right time,” that brings the best gifts of life. Enjoy that you are in a position to be aware that this opportunity exists for you.

Windows of opportunity are what I call “defining moments.” They are moments that have a short period of time and we can either move through or the window closes. Next time you see a window of opportunity, do not try to figure it out. My coaching tip is to move through it and watch the awesomeness occur all around you. It is amazing.

Have You Thought About Leading A Team of One?

April 12, 2011 at 2:19 pm

This is an article that just came out today at

Leadership starts with you. Where you are emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. Check out the article and let me know your thoughts.

Blissing out

April 6, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Short Term Goal: Achieved!
In November 2010, I started thinking about what I want to create for myself in the new year. What do I want to do, think about, bring in, and simply be. I create 21 goals in seven areas of my life. In the area of health, I decided I was going to truly commit to incorporating a new level of yoga/meditation into my daily routine. Yep daily!
I started with 40 days of meditation twice daily. 40 days seemed reasonable but twice a daily was a stretch goal. When I completed the 40 days, I felt more peace, happiness, ease with just about everything in my life. Therefore, why not try six months of daily meditation. No skipping a day here or there. Pure commitment to the daily practice of yoga/meditation. This week, I completed six months every day, no exception, no excuses. So what did I get after my six months of yoga/meditation:
– A feeling of more expanded freedom
– A greater sense of peace and self love
– Enjoyment of quiet time
– I am more focused and attuned to my clients’ needs and possibilities
– I have greater capacity to manage conflict and/or observe it
– More courage to take risks and step out of my comfort zone
– More willingness to be open and public with myself and In Sync Consulting
– Immense sense of gratitude and compassion for the human race
– A greater love for this beautiful thing called life and all it has to offer us
– The ability to lead with greater authenticity, compassion and transformational possibilities
So was it easy? No!
Was it worth it? Completely!
Would you do it again? Absolutely!
Will you continue on with the daily practice, Suzanne? Yep!
Was is a good goal to achieve: A Yeah! Six months was longer than I thought it would be.
I welcome any questions you might have. Until next time… bliss out 😉

Is Goal Setting A Waste Of Time?

April 4, 2011 at 10:46 am

Is goal setting a waste of time? 

Goals allow us the freedom of choice, decision and achieving dreams. Goals are opportunities for us to become who we want to be. Do what we want to do. Ultimately goal setting allows us to draw a path ahead in which we can, and do influence. It’s powerful, empowering, liberating, and fun. This is absolutely worth our time. There is no ability to influence possibilities in our past.

What about the types of goals…do they matter?

There are many types of goals. I like to break them down into three categories:  Short term (3-6 months) , long term (6 months to 10 years), and stretch (something that is possible but just out of your reach of thinking you can actually attain it).

Short-term goals are a way to achieve success early in the goal process. These are things that you know you want to get done but often put them off and they rarely get completed.  Short-term goals are a quick way to focus your mind on the near term. Something that is close in time and almost “feels” tangible. Short term goals bring a sense of urgency that you must move into action quickly in order to reach your goal.

People who do not typically reach goals they set should keep their goals in short term or one year out, at the most. Why? Because the power behind goals is seeing, feeling, sensing, and achieving possibilities previously thought impossible. Goals are a mode to bring the impossible to the realm of possibility. This is incredibly invigorating and exciting for most clients. Within 12 months client can achieve change in an area that previously was “stuck.”

The key to achieving long-term goals is to have a plan in which they can be achieved. Sometimes when you don’t know how things will happen you have to create time in your day to thinking about how. It can be as simple as asking an open-ended question like: How can I pull this off? How will I be able to do this one? How will this look when I am done?

Stretch goals are incredibly powerful and most often connected directly to our dreams of who or what we always wanted to be or become. Stretch goals have a way to transforming people at their very core. They get to see how incredibly powerful they are as people and they see with this new belief anything, ANYTHING, is possible.

Will you have more success with a financial goal vs a lifestyle goal?

Success with goals is directly related to how committed you are to the feeling you created about your goal. Feelings are often the most powerful force within a goal. If people are not connected to the feeling of a goal, they are unlikely to achieve it. Financial goals are good because they are very tangible and specific. Specific goals are key to success because they affirm your ability to “win.” When writing a goal, it’s important to make it so you absolutely know when you achieve it. The deadline allows our mind the urgency it needs to problem solve and yet allows us the space in which we can shift our emotional being so we can accept the goal when we reach it.