Tips To Success-Better Communication

January 27, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Communication has become very simple and complicated all at the same time. We have more modes of communication than ever before in the history of our development. That being said there is more opportunity to MIS-COMMUNICATE as well. Often it is too easy to take time to pound out an email and shoot it off.  Then the email is left for others to read into and interpret. When you are meeting face-to-face people can see your non-verbal communication (70% of all communication), then hear your voice intonation. They can not sense your passion, energy, and intention with  e-mail, text, Instant Message, all that is lost.

Coaching Tip:

Pick up the phone and make a call if possible.

Face to Face communication can achieve the best results.

Be clear what it is you are wanting to communicate.

Have fun reconnecting with people. It will serve you well on your path.

Are you In Sync With Your Job Search?

January 18, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Looking for a job is not all about the technical part of applying for new positions. It’s about your attitude and approach too. In fact that may be equally, if not more important.

If you are approaching a job search with frustration, the likelihood of you finding fun, exciting job becomes more and more cumbersome as time passes.

Tips For Being In Sync With Your Job Search

–       Go in with an attitude of curiosity.

–       Set aside a specific time everyday that is JUST for your job search.

  • No texting, Instant Messaging, Phone calls that are not job related during this time.

–       Have fun with seeing possibilities in jobs that you normally wouldn’t consider.

–       Sending out your resume is a numbers game; send out a specific number each week. Make sure you hit that number no matter what. No excuses!

–       Networking is still the best way to get a job that fits. Let people know that you are searching and send them your bio (not your resume).

–       When you get an interview… make sure you ASK FOR THE JOB!

Coaching… What is it and how do I know if I’m ready?

January 12, 2011 at 1:55 pm

Coaching is different for everyone. Why? Because we are not all operating from the same perspectives or come from the same backgrounds. A strong coach will coach you from where you are at, not where you want to be. An In Sync coach will help you to create new  and explore possibilities in your career and life. We don’t spend time in the past unless it will help move us forward.

In Sync Coaching differs from others in a couple of areas:

1 you will attain results that matter. You and everyone else will notice the difference.

2 your growth will occur rapidly while you are achieving success along the way.

3 when you are In Sync, everything in life flows easier. For example: Think of music and all the components that go into a song that you love. The music, lyrics, instruments, etc. There is a flow that exists with good music. That is the same for your life.

Our coaching model is swift and easy to understand and yet powerful to make the shifts you have been seeking.

How do you know if you are ready for coaching? If you are reading this, you are ready. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated with your professional growth, income, success, you are ready. If you are feeling out of sorts, knowing that there is an easier way but just need some new tools for your tool bag, you are ready.

You can reach us at (888) 444-9141 for a free coaching consultation.

Live In Sync!

Bringing in 2011 In Sync

January 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Happy New Year!

A new year is a time for reflection of the previous year’s lessons and new beginnings.

2010 was rich with learning and growth. Below is a snap shot of some of the “bigger” reminders:

1.  The unknown is much greater than the known – It can be a humbling experience to think you are very certain about something and then it suddenly changes.

2.  I know that I don’t know is much as I thought I knew. (refer back to #1)

3.  Give with discernment – Giving to others is a beautiful act. I learned that giving does not always equal appreciation or respect.

4.  Live life with an open heart-  What a surprising gift I gave to myself. The colors looked brighter. The sun felt more amazing. The beach was more beautiful. Everything is better with an open heart.

5. To forgive is a gift of love to one’s self-  Finding a way to be more kind and gentle with yourself is an easier path to bliss. Forgiveness is a beautiful gift to grace yourself with. If you are not sure how to forgive yourself for past mistakes, glitches, lumps and bumps, I encourage you to begin to seek what it will be for you. I promise it is an incredible journey that feels amazing.