Thanksgiving List

November 23, 2010 at 12:40 pm

It’s that time of year again. A time of remembering the year and all that I am thankful for. This year is slightly different, as I am for the first time, sharing my list with you.

What am I thankful for?

The first on my list is friends and family.  This last year has been one of incredible health challenges and I could not have moved through them without love, support and of course lots of laughter. There was once a time in my life when  laughter was few and far between. This year I found myself laughing through it all.

Friendship is one of my deepest values and I appreciate all of the current and new friends who have joined my life. I don’t know about you but an investment in friendship is one place on which I do not skip. Often work takes me on travel and I have come to rely on email and Facebook posts to keep in the loop of my friends’ lives. Thank you for the posts, sharing your photos, and keeping me updated so I can feel connected to you even when I am far away. I appreciate your wisdom, truth, honesty and the generous ways in which you share yourself with me.

Family is important to me even though it sometimes presents challenges. We all have different family situations that help us grow. Mine is no different. This year marks a year of reconnecting with my brother. We have very different views on life, family, growing up, politics and much more. In fact, over the years I don’t think we could have taken any more steps back. This year, however, we took several steps forward in reconnecting and staying connected. Our lives are busy, there is no doubt, but this time around we don’t make excuses. You invest in those relationships that mean the most to you. When you invest it pays you back in ways you can’t explain. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Travel is a part of who I am. This year was one great adventure after another.  I started the year with a hike in Peru, met some amazing people on the hills of Machu Picchu and in the jungles of the Amazon. I was fortunate to travel to the Middle East, which included a vacation of a lifetime in Dubai. There I spent time swimming with Alice (the dolphin) and a few of her friends. It was fun beyond my imagination. I was able to reconnect with a great friend Steve who treated me to the best sushi of my life while I was in Japan. I celebrated a birthday and reconnected with some friends in Calgary, Canada. It was amazing to spend time with people I met just two years ago on another trip in Peru. (Another Facebook success story for staying connected.)  My latest adventure was a hike up to Half Dome in Yosemite  (8,800 ft above sea level). I was a woman on a mission and my good friend (and former triathlon buddy) Elisa made the trek with me. This hike is a tough mentally, physically and spiritually. One must draw on all sources of inspiration when doing this climb. Little did I know when I started this trek that I would go into a zone and fly up the mountain in less than 5 hours! I guess you can say that I had a lot on my mind and was ready to rid myself of the past that was holding me back. This hike was representative of just that… moving forward instead of holding on to ideas, concepts, and people who weren’t serving my greatest good.

As many of you know love is a big part of what I am thankful for. This year my heart has opened in ways I’ve never experienced before. I am humbled, touched, alive and appreciative. I loved deeply and with little to no regrets. Although the relationship is over the learning continues. With every ending there is a new beginning and I am learning to embrace it totally and completely.

In Sync Consulting Corporation is expanding and growing in new ways and it is exciting. More and more people are interested in Living In Sync along with me. I stepped out with Facebook, Twitter and now a new website.  2011 will bring greater expansion as I begin to share new ideas and insight on how you and others can live with a greater sense of connection, life, laughter, all while you and your organization shares increased efficiencies and return on investments.  It’s very exciting for me to be sharing how to take leadership theory and put it into application. Please follow on Facebook (In Sync Consulting Corporation) and Twitter (LivingInSync).

Living In Sync is what I aspire to do every day, every moment. It has its challenges but the rewards keep flowing into my life. This year my heart is full of love and gratitude and I wish to continue this journey of life in a deep and meaningful way and share with you.

Tips for Living In Sync:

1.     Be true to yourself

2.     Learn to love learning. See situations as a new opportunity for you to grow and expand into life

3.     Have a talk with yourself about how you are spending your time. Where your attention goes, is what will grow.

4.    Are you being the person you want to be or just talking about it?

5.     Live in gratitude for the small and big things. Share with others in a new and vulnerable way that encourages your growth.

6.     Life is full of grace, flow and abundance. Live in that truth.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Love and days filled with Being In Sync,

~ Suzanne